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Yii Framework – Secure Reliable and Robust Custom PHP Solution

Yii Framework – Secure Reliable and Robust Custom PHP Solution
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Are you searching for the reasons why PHP is getting popular, which can help you with website development or app development? Yes! Yii framework is your answer!

It is the newest PHP framework that has already earned a great reputation in the market and if you are not using it, then surely you are missing out something very important. If you think it is Too Early To Decide a Clear Winner Web Development Or App Development between Yii framework and other PHP frameworks, then read this post to know why Yii is the most reliable and secure PHP solution for you.

What is Yii Framework?

Yii is a component-based, object-oriented, and an open source PHP framework that is known for its simple usability and evolutionary functionality. The framework has been introduced in order to combat the drawbacks of the PRADO framework.

Difficulty customizing controls, steep learning curves, Slow handling of complex pages, were some of the major issues with the PRADO framework. In order to overcome such limitations and to offer customers with better solutions, the Yii framework was introduced in January 2010.

Yii is fast, safe, and simple to develop high performing PHP websites. But you can get the best results with Yii, only if you are able to use the best web development practices to create websites that meet industry standards. At AIS Technolabs, we focus on authentic web development that surely meets the highest standards of reliability, quality, and SEO.

Why You Must Go for Yii Framework?

Yii framework is the best. It is secure, flexible, efficient, and fast and deals with development issues in a realistic and sensible manner. Since, it is based on universal web programming framework, so you can use it to develop all kinds of web applications and websites. From small-scale applications to large-scale solutions, the component-based architecture of the Yii framework is perfect to meet your needs. Also, it comes with sophisticated caching support, which is perfect to develop applications such as forums, e-commerce, portals, content management systems, and more.

Comparing Yii Framework with other Frameworks?

The Yii framework has come from not a single developer, but it is the result of hard work and efforts of a strong and experienced team. It comes with strong core developer that has been designed by experts in this field. The developers have taken into consideration all the latest web development trends in order to design the perfect solution for the modern developers. With so many incredible and new features incorporated into its core framework, still, Yii offers elegant and simple to use interface.

Some highlights about the Yii framework, which you will not be able to find in any other single framework are:

  • Yii framework delivers extremely high performance, which is absolutely unmatched.
  • It comes with the benefit of solid extension architecture. As a result, you can easily replace or customize every code.
  • It is a full-scale framework that offers numerous reusable features such as query builders, active records, and more. All this are of great support to NoSQL and relational databases.
  • Yii framework supports multi-tier and restful API development.
  • The code of this framework is elegant and simple.
  • It never overly designs an app or website. It is because it follows simple design patterns.
  • The framework is structured on the MVC or Model-View-Controller architectural plan and hence promotes code organization.

Top Benefits of Selecting the Yii Framework

Yii framework offers a host of benefits to its users. Here check some of the top benefits of this framework.

  • Easy to Install

For developers, time is a valuable tool. It is very important to quickly deal with framework installation in order to focus on its other useful aspects. The Yii framework offers easy installation and hassle-free configuration process, thereby saving lots of time.

  • Based on Modern Technologies

Yii framework is one of the most advanced PHP frameworks that use advanced features and OOP framework. It uses SPL classes, static binding, interfaces, and numerous other functions.

  • Fully Extensible

It is a robust and strong framework that can fulfill your entire realistic requirements. Its components are highly extensible and perfect to develop different kinds of websites and applications.

  • Absolutely Secure

It is the best solution for developers who are highly concerned about the security of their web applications. The framework is implemented with high-security aspects to offer the applications with more secured solutions.

  • Facilitates Testing

Moreover, this framework is inbuilt with Codeception, which enhances the site testing experience. For this reason, it is one of the most desirable frameworks among modern developers.

  • Excellent Performance

The components of Yii are cache/caching/Yii. Hence, no matter which API you use, the components are highly helpful. For this reason, applications or websites developed on this framework are able to perform better.

  • Less Time for Development

It is possible to use the code repetitively without wasting the development time within the Yii framework.

  • Efficiently Handle Errors

Furthermore, it has excellent error handling ability. It is based on PHP 5 platform and is able to control and take the necessary procedures to handle error.

  • Use Themes

It is possible to customize the look of your web page with themes. Yii framework has a vast directory of rich themes in JavaScript, CSS, and more that can be used to get the desired results.

  • Logging

It comes with extensible and flexible logging feature. With the use of level category filters, it is possible to direct messages to different destinations such as emails, files, and more.

To Sum Up

The Yii framework is definitely a highly efficient and robust PHP framework. At AIS Technolabs, we focus on our customer’s end behavior and hold a successful record of developing numerous Yii based websites and applications. So, if you want to bring the Yii advantage to your online business, then get in touch with us.

Author Bio: Merry Waran grow by Yii Programming  Services

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