WordPress Plugin Blog2Social saves Time for Scheduling and Cross-Posting on Social Media

WordPress Plugin Blog2Social saves Time for Scheduling and Cross-Posting on Social Media
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Promoting your blog or website on social media will generate more outreach and traffic for your site. However, social media marketing is time consuming when you share your posts manually to each and every network. Social media automation might come in neat. There are numerous plugins out there that will automate social media posting for you. Most automation tools just post the same message in the same way to all networks. Poorly formatted post get less visibility. The networks provide very specific features and options to present your posts and the communities react very differently to specific formats. While hashtags work well on Instagram and Twitter, they don’t work for Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook followers like short comments, Google+ followers prefer longer posts. And the right timing is also crucial for the success of your post. The social communities use each network at different times of the day. Your post will get more visibility, when it is posted during each network’s rush hours.
The WordPress plugin Blog2Social does not only to auto-post to all of your social networks, but also provides powerful options for smart scheduling and cross social media marketing. Blog2Social was specially designed to make the task of cross-promoting our blog posts much faster and easier. It combines the benefits of individual sharing with the benefits of automatic cross-posting and auto-scheduling. The biggest difference to other social media plugins and tools is, that the same post isn’t pushed out to every social media network but is automatically adapted in the best format for each network. And, optionally, you can customize your posts to even better suit all of your networks and communities.

Auto-Posting or Custom Sharing – You have the choice

Blog2Social cross-post to all popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, XING, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Diigo, Delicious and also shares to social media pages and groups: Facebook (+ pages) , Google+ ( + pages + groups), LinkedIn (+ pages), XING ( + pages + groups)

The plugin auto-formats your blog posts for your social media postings and turns social media posts not only with the maximum number of characters available for each network, but also with the ideal length of texts and comments, based on research and experience.

You can enable the “Social Media Auto-Poster” to automatically cross-post your blog post to social media whenever you publish a new post.

Or, you can choose the “Custom Sharing & Scheduling” option. Blog2Social provides you with a one-step workflow for an even smarter cross social media marketing. A one page preview page with pre-filled editing fields for all of your selected networks allows you to edit any pre-filled posting text and comment individually. You may add personal comments, hashtags, or handles as appropriate for various networks and communities and schedule your posts. This will take you less than 5 minutes, but this will give your posts into a more personal and engaging touch for your followers.

Best Time Scheduling to Reach the Right Network at the Right Time

It is important to not only post on the right type of content to the right networks, but also to post at the right time. Whenever you publish a post, only a fraction of your followers will actually see your post. The timing of your post can be vital for receiving more attention from your audience. Every network has its own rush hours for activity and engagement. For example, you can reach Twitter followers best before and after work, whereas it is more likely to meet Facebook and Instagram fans in the afternoon and evening.

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Posts receive more attention when your followers are online. There are various different time slots for each network that will make it more likely for your post to grab the attention of your audience at a given time. If you share your posts manually, this task will keep you busy around the clock

Blog2Social provides you with a best time scheduler suggesting ready to use settings for on the best times to schedule your posts on each of your social networks. These time settings are all based on research and statistical data. If you know, which times work better for your networks and your communities, you may define your own best time settings or edit each time for each network up to your preferences.

You can also schedule a post for multiple times or recurrently.

Re-Share your Posts, Old Post and Evergreen Content

As mentioned before, whenever you post on your networks, only a fraction of your followers will actually see your post. So it might be a good idea to share your post more than once. But there are network specific practices on how often to share your post, as well as on when to share and how to share.

Blog2Social provides you with the ability to schedule a post multiple times. For example, if you publish your blog post on 11 a.m. on Monday and schedule your first post on Twitter at 11 a.m., not every follower is going to be on Twitter at that time. If you post again the next afternoon, you may catch other followers who missed your first post. You can do the same to revive older posts to revive them occasionally or to post your evergreen content on a recurring schedule up to one year in advance.

But keep in mind, not to re-share to all of your networks with the same frequency. On Twitter you might share your post initially up to 4 times a day if you mix it with other contents, while posting more than once on Facebook might annoy your fans.

Blog2Social helps you to plan re-sharing your posts on network-level, so that you can meet each network’s preferences.

How to set up and work with Blog2Social

Step 1: Connect your WordPress Blog to Multiple Accounts for Cross-Posting

Once you have installed and activated Blog2Social on your blog, you will see the Blog2Social icon on your left-hand side bar. Before you start to cross-share your posts, you will have to connect your blog to your networks once. A click on the submenu “networks” will lead you to the network settings. Here you can connect your WordPress with multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, XING, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Diigo, Delicious and also shares to social media pages and groups: Facebook (+ pages), Google+ ( + pages + groups), LinkedIn (+ pages), XING ( + pages + groups)

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Step 2: Auto-Post or Cross-Post Your Blog Posts On Social Media

Edit and publish your blog post and enable Auto Posting or choose “Custom Sharing & Scheduling” to customize your social media posts.

Share on social media per auto-posting or custon sharing and scheduling

If you choose auto-posting, you’re done! Blog2Social will share your posts automatically.

Option 3: Custom Sharing & Scheduling

If you choose “Custom Sharing & Scheduling”, a one page preview page will display all of your selected networks You can edit the pre-filled text and add a different text, a personal comment or hashtags and handles, separate for each network account. You can either publish your postings immediately, or schedule them once or on a recurring scheme to multiple accounts. This way, you can develop your personal and individual publishing plan.

Click “Share” and you are done! Blog2Social will share your posts even when you sleep.

Option 4: Share and Re-share your Posts

A click on “Post & Schedule” in your Blog2Social dashboard leads you to an overview of all published and scheduled social media posts.

You can view your published posts in the report. You can click on “Re-share this post”. Now, you can select the networks you wish to re-publish your content to. And again, you may schedule your posts according to the best times for each network and target audience.


Blog2Social Auto-Posting, Scheduling & Cross-Posting Features at a Glance:

The plugin provides powerful features for bloggers, social media managers and social media agencies to manage their blog and social media marketing across multiple social channels:

  • Social Media Auto-Poster: Immediately shares blog posts to social media as soon as they are published on WordPress
  • Cross-Posting: to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, XING, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Diigo, Delicious and also shares to social media pages and groups: Facebook (+ pages), Google+ ( + pages + groups), LinkedIn (+ pages), XING ( + pages + groups)
  • Auto-Formatting: social media posts are automatically turned into an adapted format for each network with pre-filled excerpts of posts
  • Custom Sharing: enables individual texts, comments, #hashtags and @handels for each post
  • One-Step Workflow: One page preview for all selected networks for editing posts in one single step
  • Custom Scheduling: once or recurrently or re-posting of evergreens up to one year in advance
  • Best-Times-Scheduler: Pre-defined best times for each network for maximum outreach
  • Multiple profiles, pages and groups per network to connect and post to
  • Multiple users on one or multiple WordPress blogs
  • Reporting with links to social media posts

Blog2Social is a Freemium plugin. It is free to cross-post or customize and cross-share blog posts on social media. The premium upgrade offers more advanced features for cross-posting and scheduling to multiple networks as well as licenses for multi blogs, multi users or agencies.

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Here is how it works:


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