WordPress 4.7 Version: What’s New in it?

WordPress 4.7 Version: What’s New in it?
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The WordPress 4.7 was a much-anticipated release as it was the last major update of the year gone by. In many ways, this release was a greater success than its predecessors. Carrying forward the tradition of naming the updates after renowned jazz artists, this update has been named ‘Vaughan” in honor of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. A lot of exciting new features were introduced in this latest offering which is discussed in detail below.

New Theme – Twenty Seventeen

This tradition of WordPress team of releasing a new theme named after the coming year in maintained byTwenty Seventeen, the latest theme released with WordPress 4.7. The surprise was the departure from blog to a business-focused theme. The prominent feature of this theme is the fresh typography which greatly enhances the visual appeal of the website. The full-screen header videos, the option to include large feature images, along with mobile first design makes Twenty Seventeen an excellent starter theme for any website.

Marked Shortcut for Editing

This is another useful Customizer feature added in WordPress 4.7. During live previewing of the theme, a blue icon appears next to the editable portions of the display. On clicking, you will open the corresponding tab in the Customizer to make necessary changes. This feature provides an easy, one-click option for users to change editable contents.

Theme Starter Content Support

You can now change the contents of previously placed text boxes or input areas to transfer your content to the website. This functionality cuts down considerably on the time required to get a site ready for uploading. Previously, this was done by guesswork or by the trial-and-error method.

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Customized Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) in Customizer

This exciting new feature in WordPress 4.7allows you to add CSS to your website through the Customizer menu. Previously unavailable with default WordPress, this will allow you to quickly add CSS to your existing website design and see the preview in the Customizer screen. With future updates, this integrated feature may eliminate the need to use child themes.

Integrate Video Headers with Ease

Headers with background video have become a popular trend while designing new websites. To this end, WordPress 4.7 has integrated the incorporation of video into your header through the Customizer. The easiest part is that you may paste a YouTube URL directly into the text box to load the corresponding video.

Changed PDF Previews

This change is specific to PDF files; previously whenever the .pdf file was uploaded; the generic red icon was displayed. Now, a thumbnail preview of the file will be displayed in the media library of WordPress 4.7 powered sites. This feature now becomes an integral part of WordPress which previously required separate plugins.

Option for Preferential Language Setting

The users of the current version will now be able to change their language preference from the admin dashboard. The WordPress 4.7 allows this change to be made based only the number of installed languages plugins.

Improved WordPress Editor

There are some minor changes in the WordPress editor in the current version. The keyboard shortcuts now appear in the drop down menus and tooltips. The underline button has been scrapped; the horizontal and strike through buttons have been moved to the “kitchen sink” bar in WordPress 4.7.

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Introducing REST API Content Endpoints

WordPress 4.7 has integrated with REST API endpoints for posts, comments, terms, users, meta, and settings. Machine-readable external access is provided by content endpoints to your WordPress site to enhance interaction with sites through plugins, themes, apps, and much more.

Posting Type Templates

As a significant boost to the custom page templates functionality of WordPress, developers and advanced users can now extend this functionality to all post types. Previously, this was limited to the ‘page’ type posts only. Now, with only a minor change in coding, WordPress 4.7 has greatly improved this functionality.

In summary, lots of features have been added in the latest release of WordPress. The WordPress 4.7 has generated positive reviews; this release is a significant step towards further increasing the popularity of this versatile CMS. So, if you are still not on WordPress, this is quite a reason. Go ahead now and make a blog or start your business website through this CMS, right away. 

Author Bio: Catherrine Garcia is a passionate blogger and marketing executive.