WordPress 4.3 – Ready to Release in August 2015

WordPress 4.3 – Ready to Release in August 2015
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WordPress is probably the most powerful CMS platform used worldwide. The reason of its so much popularity is its easy to use functions and user friendly nature. Anyone with a little bit knowledge of blogging and internet can go ahead with this great platform. All this enjoyment never ends here since you can make a shop in WordPress using WooCommercce whose functionality is just like same as given by PrestaShop, Magento and OpenCart etc.

Recent Version History of WordPress

Here we are just talking about recent version starting from WordPress 4.2 that was released 2 months ago. WordPress 4.2 included a lot of features like theme viewing without installation, Press This, symbols support etc. Right after the release of this version, a security scripting threat was detected that made the version vulnerable for hackers. Right after this problem reporting, WordPress released major security updates in version of 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 and now the developers are working on releasing WordPress 4.3 in August which will be major update after 4.2.

Let’s have a look on some top features of WordPress 4.3 that are available at WordPress official blog.

What’s inside WordPress 4.3

Menu Customizer

Menu customizer enables the admin to live preview changes without applying on the site.

Website Favicon and App Icons

Now it will be possible to set and manage favicon and app icons from the backend.

Better Password Security

Passwords will no more be sent through email. Also WordPress will limit the lifetime of password resets.

Editor Improvement

Auto transforming feature will be available for certain characters like * and – transforming into unordered lists, 1.and 1) for ordered lists, > for blockquotes and two to six number signs (#) for headings.

Post View

Posts and page columns will no more will be truncated in mobile device at the admin dashboard.

Warning WordPress 4.3 is under testing and beta so doesn’t install it on your running website.

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