WordPress 4.2 – What’s New in this Version?

WordPress 4.2 – What’s New in this Version?
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WordPress is surely the most downloaded and installed CMS software for different websites. It is equally popular in all continents whether it is Africa, Asia, Europe, US or others. The reason behind is that anyone can use this without too much knowledge of coding. Following this reason, WordPress team has always tried to provide more user friendly back and frontend and the result of such update is now available in the form of newer version 4.2 and this process of improvement is still continued.

In today’s post, we will give you an insight that what are new feature included and why it is worth to use on your website.

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New features in WordPress 4.2

Here are some top features of this version;

  1. Theme Customization without Activation

In previous versions of WordPress, theme can be only customized after its activation from the back-end but now this restriction is removed by WordPress i.e. admin can customize the theme without activating it. This is a great feature by which webmasters can preview the theme changes in real time without activation.

Theme Customize

  1. Curation using Press This button

Any webpage can be curated through Press this button available in the tools section of the back-end. This feature allows making a Press This button in the bookmark bar of your browser. Whenever, you want to share a video, article or images, just click on the Press This button in the bookmark bar, it will be shown to you in edit mode. You can make necessary changes and publish it on your website.


  1. Special Character and Symbol Support

To make WordPress more popular, support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean character is included. As we know that these countries are most populated in the world, that’s why WordPress given them a gift which is not only beneficial for people of these countries but also WordPress will be able to capture a huge market. Additionally, this version supports multiple emoticons and emoji which will make WordPress like feeling the emotions of others.

Emoji Special Characters

  1. Update Plugin Function

Now site owners can update the plugins of their store more easily by just clicking once and update done. In other words, module update feature can be availed without page reloads.

Module update

  1. Embed Support for Tumblr and Kickstater

Tumblr and Kickstater embedding is possible directly at WordPress backend. It means that when you add a Tumblr link into your post, it will be embedded automatically into it.


  1. Server Messages Readability

Website’s visitors will be able to read server side messages generated by JavaScript. Webmaster can make use of wp.ally.speak() to send audio messages.

  1. By Default Clean URLs

Google and other search engines give better ranks to those urls that are clean from ids, tags, numbers and signs. WordPress 4.2 automatically cleans the urls from useless information and makes them user friendly.


Some of the other minor changes are;

  • Updated Jquery version and UI.
  • Taxonomy Terms split.
  • Backend color scheme changes.
  • Simpler Query ordering procedure.
  • Experimental TinyMCE views API.

If you want to get details changes report, read the official documents of WordPress here.

How to Update your Current Version of WordPress?

Go to the backend of your WordPress website, where you can see a highlighted message to update your website. Initiate the update and your version will be updated in few moments.


WordPress 4.2 is much more improved from the previous version. There is no reason for you to ignore this update. Therefore, login to your dashboard and update the version that will surly bring more ease for you. Additionally, WordPress has made the security tougher to avoid hacking and spamming as it was seen in the near past.

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