Why WordPress Has Captured The Ecommerce Web Industry?

Why WordPress Has Captured The Ecommerce Web Industry?
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WordPress is about to celebrate it’s thirteenth birthday and still it is in the growing phase. Well we have seen saturation level of a lot of technologies, but WordPress certainly seems to break all the odds. With top most brands such as BBC, TechCrunch, Bata and CNN counting on the platform we are seeing a jolt in the graph as even eCommerce giants are also also gradually opting for this platform.

This was quite an image changing statistics as WordPress is received only as CMS platform suitable only for blogging.

Why to reinvent the wheel, When you can customize it !

WordPress do not focuses on reinventing the wheel, rather it focuses on how to surpass the current performance level. Their basic model focuses solely on added functionalities rather than concentrating om same old functionalities that are already built. Apart from this it offers ample lot of benefits that are as followed:

1. Open-source platform with a vast community

WordPress being an open-source software, is exposed to a vast audience base for use and they even have the leverage to add their creativity and innovation to modify its source code to extend the functionalities as per their eCommerce needs. WordPress allows you get full control on your online shop and along with that it offers  free  add-ons and are not clutched under commercial limitations and retrains levied on a typical eCommerce industry. Apart from this we have an incredibly a vast community that backs WordPress which is available on net to solve any of your issue.

2. Easy to install and manage

First things first, the very basic step is the installation process and WordPress renders quite easy installation process. After installation, you need to learn few things so as to have a smooth work flow. This allows you to manage your WordPress quite easily. From adding new products to manage  order everything is quite a cake walk with WordPress.

3. Umpteen number of Themes and Plug-ins for eCommerce

Despite of being into the development field for 12 long years, WordPress is still a talked about platform and the credit goes to themes ( 1,653 themes in WordPress.org ) and plugins (more than 40,000 free plugins) that it supports. These two look after the two most crucial things of development: looks and functionalities. You do not need to worry if you have a regular website and at any point in time you need to transform it into a fully functional eCommerce store. Moreover, it is not rocket science to change the look and feel of your web development. Even a tech rookie can easily change the look and feel of his website without hiring a professional developers.

4.No heavy licensing fees

Licensing fees is one of the most key factors involved while choosing a development platform. WordPress wins brownie points as it comes for free. However, I would not say that it is completely free, but only requires you to pay for only certain functionalities. WordPress is free platform that allows you to develop your website with ease. The offer quite budget friendly websites as all you need to do is to pay for the domain name and web host wherein themes and plugins are need to be purchased only once.

5. Easy to manage content

Since WordPress is established as a blogging tool, it comprises of all the features that a user needs to develop a fully functional eCommerce website that can get higher ranking in search engines. Moreover, it is  WordPress that offers quite an SEO friendly platform that makes it quite easy for shop keepers to get easy as well as organic traffic, which is quite not possible if you create a website on any other platform to create.

This is something different from all the other eCommerce platforms, WordPress is quite efficient in solving issues pertaining to SEO. All you need is to focus on the development and rest is taken care by WordPress.

6. Easy to incorporate eCommerce features

Another very cogent reason why WordPress is the best choice for your eCommerce store is because it is quite easy for you to integrate it if you have an existing blog or website. You do not need to re-design the complete website, if in any chance you decide to set up on online store without making any proper plan. All you need to do is to go through the list of the top plugins and select the most suitable. Then you need to just download the plugin and install it within your WordPress website.

Doing so allows you to seamlessly get all the functionalities of an eCommerce store in your WordPress website. Moreover, it offers high end customization that allows you to stick to the original look and feel of your website.

7. Scalable and secure

There are a lot of misconceptions lingering around in the market and one of them is that WordPress is not a secure platform to handle vulnerabilities of eCommerce easily. Which is not at all true as this certainly depends on a person on how they set up and use WordPress.

Along with this there are  numerous solutions to maintain the security of the WordPress websites and they are namely Wordfence and Securi. These solutions can be used to protect the  WordPress store from falling prey to any ultra advance cyber attack. This is not it as you also have hosting platforms such as WP Engine, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine and Pagely that can handle the up and downs in the traffic.

8. Easy customization

Products are the center stage on which an eCommerce website is based, and they certainly need to be added, removed and updated on a regular basis. In order to be  successful, you require to update your online shop quite frequently. Moreover, if your store contains variable product such as clothing, then  customization becomes quite a challenging task.

However, with WordPress you get to easily accomplish this as it offers quite an handy dashboard that helps you to accomplish quite easy to customize the development. When I say easy, I mean the process of customization is as easy as publishing a post.

9. Ensures proper payment system

Payment is the crux in any eCommerce store and this is one of the most crucial thing you need to look into the platform before the final selection. WordPress supports an entire new range of payment gateways such as  PayPal, Google CheckoutWorldpay, CCAvenue, 2Checkout, ChronoPay, and several others. WordPress do not only offers  a comprehensive payment process but also plays a vital role in increasing the sales growth.

Apart from this the system also offers the customers option for Cash on Delivery (COD) which has proved to be a quite a favorite transaction for development. The eCommerce WP plugin offer numerous plugins, for instance we have WooCommerce plug-in that comes with five pre-installed gateways such as  Cash on Delivery, Cheque Payment, PayPal,  Direct Bank Transfer, and Simplify Commerce.

Author Bio: Sophia Phillips works in PSD to WordPress theme converter company.

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