Try WooCommerce and I Am Sure You Will Never Get Over It

Try WooCommerce and I Am Sure You Will Never Get Over It
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If someone asks what’s the best blogging platform, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr are the names to consider to get the job done in no time. And while they’re all fine choices, one CMS still reigns supreme: WordPress featuring WooCommerce. Now there was a time when the name WordPress was thrown around might be, ‘Oh, another blogging platform.’ But today with more than 62 million of downloads and a very good rating, the platform enjoys such adoration and popularity among the websites of all types.

Speaking of the significance of WordPress in the ecommerce industry, it is quite a complex field with several nuances, most of which no one really talks about. One of these nuances is called WooCommerce- A WordPress plugin that allows one to sell anything online. Established in 2011, WooCommerce is now used by thousands of ecommerce websites across the globe. The feature extensive and user-friendly experience platform acts as a perfect set up for ecommerce startups to get a feel for online business in a way which is easy to digest and doesn’t cost an arm or a leg.

About the WooCommerce plugin

It’s 2018 and I must say that it’s high time for one to shift their physical store to an e-commerce one. And do you know what, WooCommerce can work wonders for you. Right from figuring out the best shipping logistics including packaging and posting to choosing to partner with a drop shipping service, offering quick support forums which guide you in making best business decisions, the plugin offers it all. Down below I would like you to get acquainted with a few of our favorite WooCommerce plugins worth taking into account.

  • Payment gateway: In case, if you are going to offer payment choices, which means something beyond those on-site credit card payments. The plugin key tool is the best thing to consider. Being a unique set up for 117 different payment options, including PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Amazon Payments, the tool is all you need.
  • WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap: As the name implies, this one makes it easy to add gift wrapping of one or several items onto your store, and lets you charge extra for the service.
  • WooCommerce Product FAQs: If a customer submits a question on your site which can also be displayed as FAQs helps you to build appropriate question-answer based on the actual points pondered by your present customer.
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips: This plugin provides you the resource to email an invoice to the customer especially when their order has been placed and print a packaging slip to add to their box.
  • WooCommerce Follow up Emails: After service is a very crucial factor in sales, touching the base with them right after their order is a great way to get repeat customers and reviews. The plugin even lets you to set up emails that go out at a specific time after a customer’s order, such as 30 days after their purchase to ask for a review or if they need to order more.
  • Product CSV Import Suite: Do you know that setting up a new eCommerce website can be pretty much time-consuming. This plugin, in particular, has the potential to quickly add your items into your new online store whether your product is in a database, another eCommerce platform, or an Excel spreadsheet
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Why most of the e-commerce websites are powered by WooCommerce?

  1. Nothing can beat free- With a plethora of CMS options available in the market- WordPress is by far the most popular among all. And it’s absolutely for free! You just require paying for web hosting, which means it will not cost you a thing. All you need to do is just download the plugin and get started.
  2. Flexibility- Are you a technical wizard? Well, you don’t need to be one to handle such platforms. WooCommerce is such as a platform that offers online merchants easy to make things your own, tailoring it to your company’s product categories, sales prices, and unique attributes. In case, if you get stuck in between, you can connect with several communities or consult a team of reliable WooCommerce developers who end up making things easy for you from virtual to physical, downloadable and affiliate.
  3. Ecommerce is just the beginning- Because it is based on WordPress, The platform has the potential to easily integrate with each and every aspect of your website. In fact, a highly functional store can be built within an existing website, all you require is taking advantage of content marketing features like your blog to build trust in your products and brand.
  4. Customized Options- Do you know that WooCommerce offers 39 different themes? Yes, it simply does and all you require doing is choose the one which works the best for your business and make the changes you want to its CSS styles and color themes. Of course, you will find plenty of options to get the precise look that matches your company’s brand.
  5. Professional Solutions- Bing a no less professional ecommerce solution, WooCommerce offers detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools, letting you easily see both past and open orders and update delivery statuses. Several features like tax settings, shipping options, coupon codes, and inventory management are all there, right out of the box.
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So basically, With WooCommerce, the world is your oyster. You just have to put the hours in.