Top 10 Reasons to Hate BigCommerce

Top 10 Reasons to Hate BigCommerce
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In this section, we are going to discussing the top reasons to hate BigCommerce. Before that just discuss about BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is privately supposed technology and for businesses which develops an ecommerce software. As you know, BigCommerce provides an easy solution to begin an online store.

If you have to sell a service or product as online, you have to make your own store about any type of shopping software. We can see number s of shopping cart software in the market.

However BigCommerce is the number 1 shopping software among the software that are available in the market.
Even though the BigCommerce is ranked as the number one software in the market and even have more advantages, in some cases it has some advantages too.

So here, we are discussing about the top 10 reasons to hate BigCommerce.

1. Tough Pricing

If you are budgeting for an online store, pricing will be tough. It is typically hard to get like “walking out the door price” when you may be in offline. In the case of pricing, BigCommerce is very clear, but which is helpful to cut down precisely what you are looking on the pricing that goes.

If you are considering the monthly price, for some kind of features you have to pay the sticker price in every month. If you are looking about the platform transaction fees, you have to pay an additional fee to platform with respect to the percent of sales.

In the case of credit card fees, even though it is standardized more platforms are using their own credit card collaborating or processing with the third parties to provide more flexible and cheaper payment solutions.

If you are going to build your own store without any platform, these are going to become a more expensive and bigger problem. In the case of add-on fees, are plugins, bits of software or third party apps that you can buy to make the store better.

Normally the above are one time buying, but they run the transaction fees in sometimes.

2. Availability of Add-ons

So many features of BigCommerce are built directly towards the platform, and which is a big pros. However, very little stores are ever precisely alike.

And when some stores get past the beginning stage and checked into high advanced marketing to their customers- it will mean the necessity for particular store solutions.
Like Shopify platform, which have a big “app store” in which you can search anything that you could still need.

WordPress or Magneto like self hosted solutions have a big community of developers and you can add about anything as you think in an open development setup.
Even though when BigCommerce is started a growing but small app in the marketplace they do not have any breadth or depth of any other development setups if it becomes to custom solutions.

This will be certainly a con- or as a minimum of something that plan around.

3. Lock-in

Here we are discussing about the reasons to hate BigCommerce and so that lock-in has to add in this review for a hosted ecommerce platform.

If you always decide to check in to a different or self-hosted store platform, it will not going to as easy, two click procedure. The design of the site, functionality, contents and payments are all departing to be sort of built to the platform of the BigCommerce.

It is a price, which may be or may not be come, but while shopping it is something to be aware.

4. Product and inventory management

To run a store effectively, not only you have to sell the products but also should provide and ship the products. This means inventory managing. Since, BigCommerce have lot of product options, it is almost ends up and too much burying the managing inventory solutions.

As a substitute of having its own dedicated place, inventory is accessed through each product screen. Even though it is not a reason to hate the BigCommerce, but if you are function with a wide range of products with a huge of turnover, it will be affect to the efficiency.

5. Too much Functionality

While you launch a BigCommerce website, you will get nice tutorials related to the steps about how to start the business. The new stencil framework is very user friendly only for the advanced developer of the BigCommerce website.

However for the non technical users, it is difficult to make minute tweaks which is necessary for the average entrepreneur or inventor.

6. Functional Customization

Every BigCommerce platform faces the transaction between the providing easy editing access to the people those needs to pinch their site and providing a boundary for the people those needs to work.

BigCommerce as a stage obviously is on the “simply have it work” end of the range. Be that as it may, even among different stages like Shopify and Volusion, BigCommerce inclinations towards “simply having it work” versus giving altering access – particularly for highlights.

It has a simple editing process for design, but you have to really become close to the code that you can on Shopify. If you are the admirer of building small pinch to functionality besides design, this will become a con for the BigCommerce.

7. Sudden Price Change

In the last year, BigCommerce made some alternatives in the pricing. The price of each of the plan not increase, but the changes that are made in the way of businesses drop into variety of pricing tier. The Big Commerce has now set limits to auctions a business, which can make in each of the plan. Some of the businesses are if hit into the level of the enterprise. As if you think, customers will be upset on having to give 800% more for their business platforms. Unhappily it looks like the customers are given little notice before sudden change, but they didn’t allow enough time before they decide like that.

8. Expensive Templates

Even though there are 100 free templates as the part of Big Commerce and also have 76 templates which are available to buy. However, these purchasable templates are quite expensive. Many of the developers are always choosing cheaper ecommerce builders. Therefore, those are using the software for creating the sites for other clients will have the choice to add the charges. So it is also one of the drawbacks of Big Commerce.

9. Risk free Trial has Annoying Limitations

One thing about the apps and web tools, which are always confused about how unbalanced most of the test versions are. If you download a free version of the software, you can feel and experience some limitations.

10. Phone support has Limited Hours

For every software, we can see the customer support system. Therefore, you will get live chat help if you want help with common questions related to navigation. And also there is a community forum so you can get help with question and answers. If you want any technical help, you should have to contact through phone calls during the office hours. This will be difficult to resolve the urgent problems. And also it is hard to the people from other places who want instant help with the interface.


BigCommerce works properly for small organizations, but you have to make the decision based on how much you decide on scaling up in the coming future. Since, you may wind up paying heaps of expenses in the event that you leave behind a specific number of sales.

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