Top 8 Things Every Drupal Developer Should Know

Top 8 Things Every Drupal Developer Should Know
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Drupal is a terrific CMS with the modular design allowing the addition of customized features. It is a flexible management system containing PHP scripts and several modules and themes. In today’s dynamic web development industry, How To Choose The Best Web Developer is a time-consuming task. For standing out, a web developer should know the exquisite industry requirements, coding languages, dynamic frameworks, complex constructs, and various functional tools. 

As Drupal is a dynamic and widely used CMS, hence its developer should be well equipped with all the necessary knowledge. Before starting Drupal, familiarity with a CMS platform beforehand is always better. In-depth knowledge of PHP language and its framework is also a vital element before starting with Drupal. To be a good web developer it is important to understand the functioning of the CMS platform and accomplish goals. This post is all about the top things that every Drupal developer should know.

  1. Information about version control

Not only Drupal developer, but every web developer should be acquainted with version control and versioning. Version control is a crucial part of the Drupal community. Versioning allows for the Drupal projects to be easily managed, maintained, and reported regularly and in a uniform manner. Version control will also most likely be used by developers to manage each client project efficiently.

  1. Basic debugging

Knowledge of debugging is essential to save valuable time while coding. When working with Drupal, developers should know how to do basic debugging. The error messages sometimes give sufficient information about the bugs, but majorly you need to step into the XDebug or Devel and step through the project to find the exact location where the code is not responding and showing error. A lot of frustration and time of the developers is saved by knowing about debugging.

  1. Knowledge of Command Line Interface

For a Drupal developer, there is no need to be a CLI expert. Being able to work comfortably using a Command Line Interface is the main need of the hour. Basic knowledge of CLI increases the developer’s productivity. You can automate repetitive tasks and perform them efficiently without hopping from one application to another. 

Drupal has a CLI tool of its own known as Drush. If the developer uses Drush all it takes is just one command to clear the massive cache rather than performing 3 to 4 clicks through GUI on regular basis. 

  1. Modules and templates

To pick up and learn new frameworks, it is important to know the principles of templating. Drupal CMS makes use of Twig search engine which is its important asset. Similarly, to perform common functionalities, a web developer should be acquainted beforehand about popular Drupal modules like Panel, Ctools, and Views.

Not only the site might function properly, but its appearance should also be up to the mark. Hence, understanding of Drupal’s theming and its functioning is also vital. A developer should know how to customize the themes as per the client’s needs and preferences.

  1. Package Managers

While installing Drupal, information about package managers is a must. Whether it is installing Sass or Bootstrap from the node or Drush from a composer, it is crucial to be acquainted with how package managers work and exactly what you are running on your computer.

  1. Information about Drupal security

As Drupal is an open source software, hence it is always under threat of malicious activities and security issues. Also, the professional team at Drupal works constantly to keep up with new threats and updates and evade any issues. But it is up to the maintainer of the website to keep it in check and secure. 

  1. Knowledge of routing and controllers

The ideal way to start working on Drupal is to develop the Hello world module. A web developer should know the module folder structure in detail. Routing and its process along with the use of controller classes that are mapped to routes should be known to you.  

In addition, familiarity with the plugins is a competitive edge for the developers. While developing the website on Drupal CMS, understanding and working of various plugins should be on your fingertips.

  1. Familiarity with Dependency Injection Concept

Drupal 8 makes use of Symphony Dependency Injection which helps to effectively manage the service instantiation. By having familiarity with the concept, you can decouple the functionality and increase the testability standards for this dynamic framework.

The above-listed things are some important concepts which a Drupal web developer should know. Companies look for knowledgeable and experienced developers who are aware of the latest updates. In the quest of how to choose the best web developer, organizations generally look for the traits which stand out in the developer along with his indisputable knowledgeable skills. Therefore, having an understanding of the above-listed things increases the candidate’s selection desirability.  

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