Top 6 Outreach Email Templates for Guest Posting

Top 6 Outreach Email Templates for Guest Posting
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Backlinks are vital for a website to retain its rank’s health in Google. Although, there are different type of backlinks i.e. product/article directory submission, profile links, videos, presentations, ebooks, forum and blog commenting etc., but the most important out of them is Guest Posting.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is basically a type of link earning from other website. All the other backlinks can be made by a person himself but the guest posting can be only done with the consent of that blogger. It can be only done after proper outreach and relation building. Therefore, Google gives them more importance. If we ask some blogger to mention our product or service in one of our post, this is also a type of Guest Post.  Today, I am talking about the same topic.

Imagine if we get a mention of our site or publish a guest post on searchenginejournal, practical ecommerce, searchengineland, seometrics etc. then how much traffic will flow towards our blog or how much we will be able to increase our domain/page authority, PR, Alexa and ranking.

How to Outreach the Top Blogs?

Search the top blogs of your niche, find their editors, search their email and social content, come into their radar and finally request them a guest post. If you follow all the steps smoothly, then it is impossible that any of the blogger denies you in this way. If you don’t want these steps or if you have less time, then the most simple way is to contact the blogs through their contact form or send them email by info/admin/[email protected]

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Top 6 Outreach Email Script Templates for Guest Posting

Although you can send a simple email requesting a guest post to these bloggers but it is general phrase that first impression is the last impression. If your email writing style attracts the blogger then there will be more chances that they will accept your guest post. Given below the top 6 email scripts that you can send to the bloggers for more attraction;

Type # 1: To Get into Radar of Blogger

I noticed that your team tweeted a [topic] post on [Site Name].

Happy to hear a feedback from your team.

Type # 3: Get a Retweet of your article from Influencer

Hi [Name],

I’m [Name], [Position] at [Company Name]. I saw that you tweeted my post on [Blog Name]. I appreciate it a lot.

I just want to ask if you’d been interested to check out an ultimate guide for [topic]. This is something that I’ve been working on for the past 3 months and would only want to share exclusively to my active followers.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

Happy tweeting!


[You’re Name]

Type # 4: Get Reading of your article from Influencer


Happy Tuesday!

I know you probably get a lot of emails from people looking for your expertise, so i’ll keep this really short. Here is a quick question i want to ask you, I think you might find it interesting.

I am launching a new series on my blog this week, the first post has already published. Basically this series will be a type of roundup posts on WordPress, web design and development, including news, modules, tips, tutorials etc. This will serve as a central platform where web shop owners and developers will be able to find latest updates in one place.

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Would love to share it with you if you are interested…do you mind if I send you a link?


[You’re Name]

Type # 5:  For Guest Post Request


I am [Name], consultant at [company]. I saw a very useful post, comparison of payment gateways, at your blog. I appreciate your efforts.

I just want to ask if you’d be interested to publish a post written by me on the following topic,

“Topic Title”. I have been working on this post for past few weeks, and I think it will share valuable insight and my experiences with your audience.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

Many Thanks,

[You’re Name]

Type # 6:  Get a Mention of your Product


Your article [URL] is awesome; you really spent lot of time making it valuable.

I actually develop plugins for Woocommerce & WordPress, I was hoping if you could mention my Woocommerce store locator plugin (www.sitename.com/woocommerce-plugins-extensions/addvance-store-locator.html) on your blog or share it with your audience on social network.

Some of its unique features that are not available in any other plugin are:

  • Attach products to stores
  • Search store by products
  • Search store by address
  • Store product slider
  • Ajax based filters

I can send over a free copy of plugin to you if you would like.

Let me know how does that sounds?


[You’re Name]