Top 5 Reasons to Hate WooCommerce

Top 5 Reasons to Hate WooCommerce
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E-commerce has changed the way we have looked into our daily lives. Everyone is busy these days and no one has the time to go to the market to purchase a few things. E-commerce solves all these hassles by catering to an online website. The specific requirements of a user are just a click away. In fact, the availability of e-commerce has also paved the way where a user can easily find exotic items or things he prefers from the providers doing business from the farthest corners of the world. This is why this unique platform has flourished over the years and the majority of the ventures are opting for it.

As WordPress goes hand in hand with more than 27% of the internet content, Woocommerce is not an unfamiliar concept. It is the most popular e-commerce platform offered by the world’s leading content management system for the convenience of the small and medium scaled online business ventures. Truth be told, Woocommerce is extremely easy to use and manage but the easement comes with a price. There are a few issues that Woocommerce find it difficult to mend and give a proper online business platform for the enthusiasts. These issues can be easily fixed by hiring a WooCommerce Web Development Services Company and the enterprise can be made remarkably better for future enhancements.

Reason to Hate the Woocommerce platform:

WordPress is the leading content management system for most of the website hosting on the internet. It can be easily deducted why business owners prefer Woocommerce as the right e-commerce platform to cater to their ventures. It offers a quick turnover time with the requirements and gives a basic platform to move ahead and establish the business in the market.

There are some flaws though that should be checked with the increasing requirement of the business and the ever-changing dynamic market. Here are the basic issues with the Woocommerce platform that need to be addressed right away so that the business can use its full potential.

  1. Response time

Woocommerce influenced online stores often seek the answer to a question of how many products the platform can handle. There is actually no definite answer to this. This is why it becomes tough to blame the e-commerce platform when the website is not responding fast enough to satisfy the users. A recent survey has found that if a platform takes more than 2 seconds to load a webpage, 47% of the users will get easily diverted towards a more effective website to find similar products. The loading speed of the larger stores depends on number of products, additional photos loaded for product description, etc. It will also depend on the categories and subcategories of the products. Woocommerce will work properly when these categories are made with a limited number of product listings to load.

Woocommerce does not have a list of requirements for hosting the online business website so that it can be made extremely efficient while showcasing the products to the target audience. This is why the businesses often seek the proficiency of the WooCommerce Development Service from Expert Developers so that they can use the other tools and find out the specific features and requirements so as to make the website more functional.

  1. Scalability

This e-commerce platform offers scalable features to find out the pros and cons of the developed website so that the store can be made efficient. There are Woocommerce plugins available for measuring the performance of the website and make significant changes depending on the results. Woocommerce does not provide any supervision regarding the restriction of enlisting product items. This is where the performance might get affected. The use of proper metric tools might solve the problems.

  1. Additional services for professional outcomes

The basic requirements can be easily fulfilled by the Woocommerce platform. For a small business venture, it is the ideal platform to seek and make a brilliant online presence. The problem arises when the business needs increase.

The advanced use of this e-commerce management system will need a higher understanding of the concept. The business owners will not be able to handle the additional requirements to make the online shop bigger and better. In this case, hiring a Custom WooCommerce eCommerce Website Development Company will be a smarter step. The company will provide the right expertise to come up with a perfect business website using the elegant features of the e-commerce management system. For a bigger venture, a professional service is absolutely mandatory.

  1. WordPress specific plugin

As mentioned earlier, Woocommerce is the brainchild of WordPress content management platform. It means that this plugin can only be used to manage the business websites that use WordPress. This plugin can only be used when the entire website is developed using WordPress themes and other features. This plugin does not support other platforms. If you want to include this plugin, you will have to make a new website using WordPress or reconfigure an old one. An investment has to be done if you want to incorporate the benefits of Woocommerce. This is where you will have to hire a WordPress Development Company so that you can come up with a business website.

  1. Advanced features will cost you

The basic platform is free for the users. This basic featured platform from Woocommerce is capable of meeting the requirements of a small business on the first phase. Once the requirement is higher, the advanced features and add-ons will become necessary. These extended add-ons can prove to be a costly affair for a small venture. If this budget barrier is crossed, the advanced and extended functionality of the platform can be used perfectly to enhance the business. The performance of the website will be streamlined and the owner will find a big output in the future once this extended set of features is added to the online presence.

Wrapping up

These 5 issues can be easily solved when you have proper support from an efficient WordPress website developer. Hire WordPress Developers for solving the simplest issues of Woocommerce and create a brand-specific platform for your online venture.

Author Bio: Manan Ghadawala is the founder mobile app development company in India

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