Top 20 Free Resources To Get Support for PrestaShop

Top 20 Free Resources To Get Support for PrestaShop
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PrestaShop is used by 230000 merchants worldwide and this count is still increasing day by day. When such a huge number of retailers are using it, naturally they have to face problems while store setup, installation, upgrading, development, configuration and payment solutions.. It is quite fortunate fact PrestaShop community has reached upto 80000 members who has potential to solve problems of web-merchants. I proudly mention here that PrestaShop has best support community than all the other shopping carts.

From Where to Get Support About PrestaShop Issues?

Given below some top resources to get support for PrestaShop;

  • PrestaShop Related Forums
  • PrestaShop Related Blog
  • PrestaShop Related Social Groups

PrestaShop has Diverse Community

Keep in mind here that PrestaShop has diverse support community. Therefore, you may get support from any language resource. Specially, Brazilian, Spanish, French and Russian community is quite helpful in this regard. So the links given in the post belongs to different languages and region. Even if you don’t know the language, you can still communicate with the members using language translators.

Benefits of Resources for PrestaShop Developers

The resource given in the post are equally important for those PrestaShop developers who sells Modules, themes and custom work. They have opportunity to find the customers from these resources.

PrestaShop Related Forums

top 10 prestashop forums

Your first priority should be to go top PrestaShop forums. Given below the list of some top forums and you can open them by copying and pasting the url into browser and pressing enter.

1.      PrestaShop Forum:

PrestaShop forums is the official forum having about 80000 active members. Therefore, before going anywhere your first thread should be in official forum of PrestaShop. You should abide by the rules and regulations of Forum while posting anything over there.

Forum Link : www.prestashop.com/forums/

2.      PrestaDev Russian Forum

This PrestaDev Russian Forum is associated with Russian PrestaShop Community.

Forum Link: www.prestadev.ru/forum/

3.      PrestaShop Russian Forum

This PrestaShop Russian Forum is also related to Russian users of PrestaShop.

Forum Link: http://prestashop-forum.ru/

4.      PrestaShop Turkish Forum

This PrestaShop Turkish Forum is special for Turkish PrestaShop Community.

Forum Link: http://www.prestashopturkiye.com/

5.      PrestaPortal English Forum

This PrestaPortal English Forum can be considered as the biggest forum after PrestaShop Official Forum. This forum have about 40000 active members.

Forum Link: http://prestaportal.com/

6.      PrestaShop C4 Czech Forum

This PrestaShop C4 czech forum is associated with czech community. This is a general forum i.e. it have threads about other shopping carts also. Therefore, if you want to compare PrestaShop with others, members here can help you well.

Forum Link: http://forum.c4.cz/

7.      PrestaShop Czech Forum

This PrestaShop Czech Forum is related to Czech PrestaShop Community.

Forum Link: http://forum.prestacesky.cz/

8.      Cart-Help Forum

This Cart-help forums is multidimensional forum in the way that it is basically a PrestaShop forum but you can discuss other shopping carts also in their categories. On the other way, it is an English forum but you can post threads in other languages as well in their categories.

Forum Link: http://cart-help.com/

9.      PrestaShop Polish Forum

This PrestaShop Polish forum is related to Polish PrestaShop community.

Forum Link: www.prestashopforum.pl/index.php

10.  PrestaDesign Polish Forum

This PrestaDesign Polish Forum is also associated to PrestaShop users of Poland.

Forum Link: http://prestadesign.pl/

Top PrestaShop Blog

top 10 PrestaShop blogs

At the next level of support there comes Top PrestaShop blog. PrestaShop fortunately is very rich in case of good blog. These blogs have well defined tutorial and step by step guides. Along with, the blog authors provides their expert support. Given below top 10 PrestaShop blog;

1.      PrestaShop Official Blog

This is the most trusted and reliable blog that provides information about ecommerce PrestaShop along with some top tutorial for maximizing the performance of PrestaShop.

PrestaShop Official Blog Link:www.prestashop.com/blog/en/

2.      InMotion Hosting Blog

This is most useful blog for PrestaShop that contains thousand of easy tutorial and step by step guides. You can find solution of anything from here for any topic related to PrestaShop. Also the blog authors have quite helping nature who loves to help the PrestaShop merchants.

InMotion Hosting Blog Link: www.inmotionhosting.com/support/prestashop-16

3.      nemops Blog

This is also one of the most advanced blog which provides coding tweaks and tutorials that makes it possible to get different functionalities without using any third party module. Also author of the blog provides best support.

nemops blog Link: nemops.com/category/tutorials/

4.      TemplateMonster Blog

This blog also provides quality tutorial and step by step guide along with video user guides. You can find help on any topic of PrestaShop here.

TemplateMonster blog Link: www.templatemonster.com/help/?s=prestashop

5.      Arvixe Blog

This blog also contains quite nice and helpful tutorials. This blog is written by the same author as nemops blog have. So expect same tutorial on both blogs although it is not necessary.

Arvixe Blog Link; blog.arvixe.com/?s=prestashop

6.      WebhostingHub Blog

This PrestaShop blog is pretty similar to inmotionhosting blog as the authors are same. If you are using PrestaShop 1.5, this blog will be a good addition in your list.

Webhostinghub Blog Link: www.webhostinghub.com/help/search?searchword=prestashop

7.      dh42 Blog

dh42 is most authentic blog which provides insight on latest news, tutorial and personal experiences.

dh42 blog link: dh42.com/blog/

8.      Siteground Blog

This blog is best for PrestaShop starters since this blog contains videos guides about PrestaShop setting, configuration etc.

siteground blog link: www.siteground.com/tutorials/prestashop/

9.      psaddons Blog

This blog contains news, roundup, tutorials, module comparison and much more. Visit this blog to remain in touch with PrestaShop.

Psaddons Blog Link: psaddons.wordpress.com/

10.  Squirrelhosting blog

This blog contains about 13 basic tutorial for PrestaShop starters. This blog don’t updates frequently however the starter tutorial are quite helping.

Squirrelhosting blog Link:www.squirrelhosting.co.uk/hosting-blog/loc.php?kkp=prestashop


Hopefully, the resources given here will help you while starting, setting and configuring your PrestaShop store. Remain in touch with the blog to get more resources about PrestaShop.