Top 10 Safe SEO Expert Tips for Magento Stores in 2015

Top 10 Safe SEO Expert Tips for Magento Stores in 2015
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Magento is the most popular platform worldwide while Google is most popular Search Engine. Although, there is no similarity between them as per their functionality but one canโ€™t deny the importance of Google for Magento and ecommerce world. The reason is simple; customer can only see a store when Google show it to them. Therefore, every Magento merchant should worry to make his store at top ranks in SERPs.

Why SEO for Magento Stores is Complicated?

Now a day, SEO is become too complicated due to strict policies of Search Engines. You definitely know that Google Mobile Geddon and after that Google Phantom brutally treated the low quality websites. While Mobile Geddon affected the search results for non-mobile friendly websites, Google Phantom treated hard those websites having thin content.

Therefore every ecommere Magento merchant should use only safe practices for their stores i.e. avoid such techniques that can make you stand at the Google bottom line.

Top 10 Safe SEO Expert Tips for Magento Stores in 2015

Given below some top expert tips that are trusted enough to use in 2015.

  • Proper Use of KeyWords

You can use keyword planner tool like Google adwords that can give you the competition of target keywords and their searches. Use the highest searched keyword in the product description and then use other keywords distributed at equal distance on product page.

  • Informative Content on Product Pages

Write content for the readers and not for the search engines. Because search engines now are intelligent enough to understand your tactics of writing. Google now prefers to rank those websites that writes user friendly content.

  • Blog

Blog is now considered as the most easiest way to get lot of traffic in a safe way. Just write user guides and tutorials and you will definitely get lot of daily visits. It is a fact that tutorials gets better ranks than the product pages. So it is best practice to writes user guides and give links to your product pages.

  • Use Unique Content

Always write fresh and unique content for your products even it product are little bit identical. The reason behind is the Google Panda which strictly treats duplicated content even it is 50%. One of our client who started a new store having about 80000 products. He was asking advice from us that if he can use same content for a pair of similar products. Our answer was clear NO, rather we advised him to use only product images until the description update for those products. That was the best and safe solution to avoid from penalty.

  • Use of Product Images

Design your images by your own to show on product pages. Donโ€™t use stolen images from internet that will create bad impact of your store. Also give proper title and alt tags.for the images that you will use in your store. In this way, your images will also get good ranks in search engine image section and you are expected to get lot of traffic referred by images.

  • Diversify your Backlinks

Use each and every resource to get backlinks from other websites like software directories, reviews, social media, bookmarks, ad posts, articles. videos, presentations, ebooks and other. It is not a good practice to focus on only one resource like giving 20 links per day from Youtube. Rather distribute the backlinks in all resources. Get links from only those websites that are trustworthy and own good pr and authority. Sometimes low quality backlinks can expose you in front of Google Penguin.

  • Prefer Natural Editorial Links

Prefer link earning rather than link building i.e. minimize your article links that you gives by your own and maximize those links that others gives you. For example a top ecommerce blog mentioning your brand or products in his article. It is the natural links and search engines counts it a lot.

  • Care of Technical Health

404 errors are quite a big hurdle for ranks improvement. Use properly 301 and 302 redirects as needed for such pages. Also update your sitemap and robot.txt file so that search engine can index your website well. In the case, your products are assessable from different urls, apply canonical tags to avoid any issue in ranking because in this case, that page content will be treated as duplicate. Use w3c editor and webmaster for any crawling errors.Also increase your website speed for mobile and desktop devices.

  • Use of Social Media

Social media has now become the most popular way of advertising and it is the best aid for SEO. Facebook, linkedin Groups, Google plus communities, twitter lists are quite helpful to search for related people. Make the relation with your customers through social media, help them and get benefit in return.

  • Make your brand popular

Artificial seo and backlinks canโ€™t make you stable. They just acts as a catalyst, until you use them you can get benefit and when you left them, your sales will stop. Therefore do maximum work for your brand promotion.


Your main goal should be to increase your domain and page authority along with the brand promotion. Use safe seo techniques just to get an aided benefit. This is the golden rule to make you stand safe from Google penalties rather try to win ranks from Google by adopting safe seo techniques as mentioned here.

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