Top 10 Reasons to Hate Drupal

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Drupal
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Drupal is a system that executes, frame and manages contents. Drupal is utilized to oversee content on educational locales, web-based social networking destinations, and web applications.

In General, what is the use of Drupal?

Drupal is extremely extraordinary for building propelled sites, particularly online networks, however far not exactly incredible for building most web applications. With sites, one’s interest on a custom view ties into Drupal’s ground-breaking content administration abilities. This enables to uncover power over the substance to anybody you please.

But there are many cons of using Drupal or to hire Drupal developers. There is faced a lot of problems when people hire Drupal developers. Some of the reasons to hate Drupal can be enlisted here.

Top 10 reasons to hate Drupal

  1. Establishment and customization: Drupal isn’t easy to use the stage with regards to establishment and customization. It requires propelled programming learning to utilize Drupal.

Drupal is among one of the most current Content Management Systems and lamentably, this implies it isn’t perfect with the more established frameworks that you are now utilizing.

The documentation still isn’t that great. Some of it gives models, some fair gives the source code to the capacity needed, a few give nothing.

  1. Execution: as far as versatility and proficiency, Drupal is a long way behind than WordPress and other Content Management Systems. This is primarily in light of the fact that it has huge amounts of instruments and contents that set aside a lot of opportunity to stack. On the off chance that your framework is moderate, you may get disappointed with Drupal.

When the adaptation of Drupal is delivered, one will peruse huge amounts of articles saying that the new form is slower than the last one.

  1. It’s like a turtle- It’s moderate and slow. Perhaps it is incredibly and unfathomably sluggish. One would need to reserve the damnation out of it to make it usable for something besides modest sites. Thus it can be said that it’s really slow like a turtle.

One needs to clear the reserve each time when done anything. It resembles the “have a go at turning it now and again once more” of Drupal. So if someone wants to hire Drupal developers, they should focus on this part.

  1. Continuous updates- if someone uses Drupal, it’s a matter of concern for them because Drupal asks for a lot of updates. Honestly, there is no gap between the updates, which ultimately will piss off the user. Many other management systems are putting Drupal behind.


What isn’t understood by the people who hire Drupal developers is that there is a mandatory necessity of having a modern and strong approach to these bugs, rather than frequent updates.

  1. Date objects are varieties of month, day, year and there aren’t any supporting capacities to transform them into anything helpful.

Things don’t generally show up in a similar spot in exhibits depending on what highlights are empowered. So one may end up utilizing a major chain of searching for the thing you need.

  1. On the off chance that you think about that Drupal 7 End Of Life is around the bend, possibly around 2022, beginning another venture in Drupal 7 can outcome in a disgraceful approach to underutilize your assets. This implies whatever is done on Drupal 7, it should be revamped at a point.
  2. Drupal 8’s new discharge cycle may increment, sometimes, momentary support. That is, we may need to redesign the site all the more regularly, including increasingly visit discharge overhauls. In any case, the guarantee is that those new minor discharges technique ought to get generally less demanding and effortless as the new stage develops, and in return, they will give a more beneficial/cleaner codebase.
  3. The people generally hire Drupal developers, who are normally individuals with Drupal UI aptitudes who can skin a layout and utilize the “sees”, “standards” and “highlights” modules. This implies in the event that you procure one and request that they accomplish something which requires coding, you may well hit a block divider.
  4. The database reflection layer is nothing without a punchline. It’s essentially equivalent to the one from Code Igniter and does not have any information on the construction of Drupal.

The consistent mistake is some sort of a regular thing. Exemptions, deadly blunders, admonitions in a database mistake are the request of the day.


So these are the reasons, why one should not go for Drupal. But it can be noted that Drupal has an effective impact and use on small and short time projects. Based on these facts, one should decide to go for this or not. The most important thing to note is that there are a lot more of such kind of management systems than Drupal.

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