Top 10 Reasons to Hate OpenCart

Top 10 Reasons to Hate OpenCart
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OpenCart is perhaps the most popular open-source e-commerce development platform right now. A lot of people have been using OpenCart for quite a while now to set up their online e-commerce website. Online shopping has been on the rise for a long time, and it is a trend that probably will not change for the foreseeable future. So, setting up an online store makes a lot of sense. There are many different open source e-commerce development platforms out there, but OpenCart has turned out to be the most popular of them all.

It is all thanks to the wide variety of features it has to offer. On the other hand, OpenCart is nowhere near being perfect, and it has its own set of drawbacks which a lot of people hate. Therefore, it is always prudent to know what they are before choosing OpenCart. Here are Top 10 Reasons to Hate OpenCart;
1. It is not customizable

The OpenCart platform does not provide a lot of customization options. It is one of the most major drawbacks of the entire platform. So, what this means is that a lot of websites created using this particular platform turns out to be very similar. And since customization is not possible, the website may turn out to be boring for some users, which is not something businesses would want their customers to feel.

2. It is not suited for large-scale websites

Large-scale websites cannot be developed using the help of OpenCart. The very idea behind OpenCart was to help small business holders to gain access to a free to use platform that would help get their business online. Large-scale businesses have much more budget in their hands and could develop a proper website with the help of expert developers.

3. Unavailability of Cache Management out of the box

Cache management is an important process for any website. And OpenCart lacks any solutions or features to help with this. So, to manage cache, users have to download external plugins, this increases the workload of the developers and costs both time and money.

4. Modules of low quality

OpenCart is easy to learn, while this is a great thing, it may also turn out to be con sometimes. The ease of learning makes OpenCart very attractive to developers with low skill and expertise, and as a result, there are lots of poorly built modules with high vulnerability doing rounds in the market.

5. Lesser features than other platforms like Magento

Magento is known for providing a wide and comprehensive variety of features to its users. While OpenCart also boasts a lot of features, they are nowhere near in comparison to those offered by Magento. Therefore, Magento looks like a better option most of than not.

6. Does not provide SEO optimization tools

SEO is important for any website on the internet and especially for e-commerce websites as they depend on users visiting the site and buying the products for income. Therefore,it is essential for a development platform to provide tools for SEO optimization, but OpenCart fails in this aspect which is one of the reasons to hate this platform.

  1. Updating and Plug-insWhile buying new plug-ins and then updating the script to a new version, a lot of the older plugins lose compatibility. It can most often than not be fixed by updating the existing plugins to newer versions, but most authors are slow in releasing updates, and it might cause a hindrance. If the process were a bit more streamlined, maybe it would not be as hated as it is now.

    8. CSS and JavaScript

    The script in its basic form makes the user download about 500 KB of JavaScript and CSS code. It is several times more when compared to other open-source e-commerce development platforms such as Quick.cart and PrestaShop. While the amount is almost equal to that of Magento, OpenCart is not as complete as Magento is.

    9. Need to pay for certain functionalities

    A comprehensive e-commerce website needs to have a lot of different features, and OpenCart in its base version does not always provide all the functionalities needed to develop such features. Most often than not, users are required to pay extra to gain access to certain functionalities they require. It is not the case with PrestaShop or Magento where most of the advanced functions are available to the users for free.

    10. Offers very low performance

    It is not as polished as some of its competitors like PrestaShop and Magento. Also, the performance level of OpenCart is quite low because of the need to download plugins to carry out even some of the most basic of tasks.

    Well, to conclude, one can say that even though OpenCart is popular, it still has a lot of drawbacks that have to be looked into before the decision is made to adopt it as the platform for developing an e-commerce website.

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