Top 10 Reasons to Hate Joomla

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Joomla
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Before knowing the reasons to hate Joomla, we should have a brief idea, what is Joomla. There are so many Content Management System (CMS) available in market and Joomla is one of them. The main purpose to use Joomla is to develop a proper website to smoothly manage the contents. Same as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, the goal is to provide a same advanced tool to the average person to meet their needs.

These are top 10 reasons to hate Joomla:

  • Complicated for Newbie:

The Joomla software engineers were on some extremely costly break when they composed it. It’s to a great degree confused and Joomla modules are a portion of the most noticeably bad PHP I’ve ever observed, also the incredibly terrible markup. It is a mystery if you say, Joomla is easy to use stage. In any case, not for finish apprentices. In the event that you are a beginner, you should invest some energy learning Joomla capacities and general use. This CMS requires certain adjustment and time to end up plainly usual too.

  • Not SEO-Friendly:

A great deal considers that Joomla is not generally useful for SEO. Maybe it is a myth, and we may bust it. When you have some involvement with Joomla site running, and you oversee it accurately, this product is as SEO-accommodating as alternate CMSs. There are specific Joomla SEO modules that ought to be introduced accurately, and it will give you the better perceivably on the Internet.

  • Need to Learn Joomla First:

As it is quite difficult even for the developers, naturally, for a non-geek person, Joomla is a Nightmare! You need to learn Joomla first as the customization is not so easy. You need to give efforts and then if you wish, you can go for this CMS.

  • Compatibility Problems:

A portion of the modules for this stage can make them disappoint similarity issues. Unless you delve into the PHP code to roll out improvements, it might be troublesome for some to access the full usefulness of their coveted module. The installation of distinct extensions may acquire issues as they don’t generally consolidate with each other well. For example, when you set up the following specific element, it might cause some similarity issues which you need to settle promptly.

  • Need to Navigate through Paid plugins:

There are a few paid modules and modules that are accessible for this stage. Infrequently there are free scripts accessible to clients notwithstanding paid ones. Starting clients may wind up paying for something before understanding that they could acquire what they required for nothing in some other script. Though you are using WordPress or Magento, you have the option to go for Hire Magento Developer to fix this issue, while in Joomla, it’s tough!

  • Not for Simple and Small Website:

Joomla is quite a heavy type of CMS having lots of library and scripts, you can use it for any usual small and simple website. So, if you are a startup? Don’t pick Joomla.

  • Issue while uploading media:

Do you need to insert a picture into your blog entry? Apologies, you need to leave the page you’re as of now altering, go to the media supervisor area, transfer it there, duplicate the URL, backpedal to the page you’re altering and embed the connection.

  • No RSS feed Feature:

Hope you are aware of RSS feed and have the knowledge, how this field is important for every website. Joomla has no way to generate RSS Feed.

  • No Custom URL Option:

Possibly there’s a module to settle it some place, yet naturally and, to the extent, I can tell, there is no real way to make custom URLs for passages. Got a post about Digital marketing? No doubt, you can’t have the URL be “/digital-marketing/”. URL you will get would be something like, “70xc11…”

  • Limited Customization:

Not at all like WordPress, Joomla! has a significantly more restricted commercial center for extra modules and additional items. On the off chance that you are searching for extra modules to tweak your site, they can be harder to discover and keep up through Joomla!

These all are some reasons what make Joomla hated by the people. 

Author Bio: Hardi Vora is a Content Strategist and Blogger associated with Brainvire.

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