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Top 10 Reasons to Choose PrestaShop for Ecommerce Store

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PrestaShop for Ecommerce Store
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Ecommerce happens to be the latest sensation in the virtual world. As far as the online shopping business is concerned, “online store” is the latest buzzword. But for achieving success and monetary profit, it is an imperative to ensure that this store does not lag behind in any aspect.

For this, the calibre and the quality of the ecommerce platform that is used to build your online store must be outstanding. Although there are many ecommerce platforms that you can use to build up your store, PrestaShop has gained a name for being remarkable in this field. Here are some reasons that will tell you why. Just spare a few minutes and read on.

  1. Usability is Super Easy – PrestShop is known for its super easy usability. The installation is very simple and it takes just a few minutes to get installed. Resource consumption is also very less in this case.
  2. Great Selection of Private Sales Modules – If you are a regular shopper you have often experienced special deals and exclusive offers. Ecommerce owners make use of private sales modules to offer unbeatable deals for a group of potential customers. PrestaShop provides a number of extension modules for the private sales that help to attract new users for registration which in turn boosts the traffic and promotes products more effectively.
  3. Innumerable Themes and Templates –This happens to be one of the greatest perks of using PrestaShop. You can avail numerous templates and themes for your online store. The wide variety of extensions include premium responsive templates, top-end admin functionality, gorgeous themes, secured transactions, search engine optimization, easy ordering as well as filters.
  4. It is SEO Friendly – Possessing an SEO optimised store is not a choice but a compulsion today. There are millions of ecommerce sites but in order to be seen by the potential customers, the SEO-friendly user interface is inevitable. PrestaShop understands that and lets you change the URL and other SEO related features effortlessly.
  5. It is an Open Source CMS – If you are having a tight-budget, then remember that the Presta Shop happens to be a free, open source platform. You can save greatly on the online store development which you can use for the digital marketing campaign, much later.
  6. Hardly Any Challenge in Mastering the Admin Panel – Compared to the other market competitors, PrestaShop offers a user-friendly design with a much shorter learning curve. That is why, for those who are going to create their first ecommerce site over the web, this platform is ideal.
  7. It is Mobile-friendly – PrestaShop is greatly mobile friendly and this way you stay close with your customers no matter where they are. There is a built-in mobile shopping cart that comes along with the default template of PrestaShop. That is why, it works efficiently on all mobile devices.
  8. Facilitates Easy Customisation and is Easy to Create – As compared to the other platforms, PrestaShop is the easiest to customise. You can hire a PrestaShop development company who will assist you to set up the store in an economical manner. Building a PrestaShop platform demands much less time and efforts than its competitors.
  9. Language is Not a Barrier – PrestaShop is a multilingual ecommerce development platform. Your PrestaShop store can be translated into a number of languages. That is why, you can target a larger demographic with this platform.
  10. Platform Is Constantly Improving – In order to help the owners get the most of the online platform, PrestaShop keeps releasing new updates. This way you will be able to keep up with the ever-changing market trends.

The above are some of the major reasons to choose PrestaShop for the development of your ecommerce store. The reputed visual communication and graphic design services also recommend this for the ecommerce store. So if you want to maximize profit and achieve success with your online store, PrestaShop should be your first choice.

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