Top 10 Reason to Hate Magento

Top 10 Reason to Hate Magento
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The Magento plugin is very popular among its users. Over the years a majority of the users have very positive views about the particular plugin. On the other hand, there are some people that don’t get impressed with the Magento. I don’t know why? But everything could not fulfill everyone’s expectations. So, there are plenty of reasons which makes magento a not a reasonable choice for you. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to hate Magento.

1. Typically consumer oriented

If you are looking forward to having an e-commerce solution for B2B then Magento is capable enough to support you. But always keep in mind that system has been created for business to consumers stores. There are very reasonable requirements which a standard solution such as Magento doesn’t support without using the extensions. I think there would be a number of B2B solutions and we have already seen business having custom made.

2. Magento is very tough

Tough means complex and difficult to understand or we can say it is not very user-friendly. We would say that doesn’t go for Magento especially when you are looking for solutions such as WordPress or Joomla and have in mind that magnet is very similar to those ones. It is kind of backend which should be used in order to run your shop. On other hand setting it up is the very tough job to do and very complex, making templates through it would not be suitable for newbies. It is very powerful and effective there is no doubt about that, but it is not effective as much effective for beginners. If you want to have a simple and user-friendly plugin than don’t even dare to go for Magento.

3. Developed by Americans

Then what’s making a difference, there is no sense it, if it has been developed by the Americans. But if you live in different parts of the world, I think you got it. I mean to say that let’s check Magento, is it fulfilling your all requirements, I would say it must creating hurdles in your way and cannot fulfill your domestic needs.

4. Magento is slow

It doesn’t share hosting solutions, if you are looking forward to an online business, then you need to have perfect hosting tool. Magento cannot be used for hosting even at low-cost websites host because it is too slow for the hosting job. Always spend money on such a tool which can be acceptable for the hosting job at least. It needs you to know what actually you are doing.

5. It’s tough to maintain Magento

The WordPress is very popular for it: make a click and update. You necessarily have the back-up but within a click update process. You don’t have such privileges having the Magento. Therefore, all the updates are necessary to planned and implemented carefully and also which consume time. Even then you have to bother them because having an old version could be very risky. The popularity of Magento makes it a real target for cyber ransom ware attackers and for cyber criminals minds. You can solve the issue but you have to have a complete awareness over that.

6. Issue in search Function

We have far better things compare to the default search function of the Magento. Yeah, it is possible to improve the Magento search results, but still, it does really make a difference.

7. Not user-friendly

Simply, Magento is not a user-friendly platform. It is very complex and difficult to be an expert of. A new user doesn’t understand it. It is very tough to call for beginners.

8. An ambush

Am pretty sure about that the things about Magento, it is very good and effective for many things we can do it. But, I would suggest that it is not for all and it’s been over shadowed through its broken core architecture.

9. Appearing & Disappearing Errors

When you are going to use it for a particular theme template and you do disabled the side bar widget save for currently viewed products list. I began to test that and it worked, but after some time I have added more pages to the CMS, and update the logo of the store and images to the home page. Then I tend towards the products and then I realized that the product list did not respond. Then I went to the backend and check out it was enabled. That’s why it is rubbish.

10. Lack of Themes & Extensions

Apart from its greatness, the real problem lies when new app released and developers and designers have to do a tough and complex job. Just because of when it is lacking with the themes and extensions.

Author Bio: Aline works at TheOneSpy.com

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