Top 10 Funny Things about PrestaShop Developers

Top 10 Funny Things about PrestaShop Developers
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PrestaShop is one of the prominent eCommerce platforms which enable people across the globe to have a store to sell products or render services. The developers are hired to set up an entire store, make customization and develop a desirable theme or a useful plugin. Being the programmers, the PrestaShop developers are also exposed to the challenges and difficulties faced by other coders in the field.
The life of a developer is surrounded by excessive workload like answering and resolving clients’ queries, meetings, sending quotations and reminders about payments, and expecting a reward. In such a hectic routine, they find the following things funny to have a smile and relax. So give below Top 10 Funny Things about PrestaShop Developers.

1. Expectations Vs. Reality

Funny Developers
The social circle around the PrestaShop developers thinks of a lavish lifestyle about them as they often work with prestigious online stores. It may be true for well-established freelancers or the CEOs of famous brands, whereas the beginners are not able to afford partying with friends and to spend a lot beside a full-time job. The funniest moment that a developer can relate to is meeting a layman at an event and negating the things people perceive about them.

2. Dealing with Client Requirements

Funny Developers
Listening to the client’s demands and developing as per their expectations is one of the major challenges the developers face. The main reason behind the difference is that most of the time the merchants fail to demonstrate what exactly the need. It might be communication and understanding gap that leads the developers to deviate from the core functionality of a retailer or store owner. On the other hand, the client may find it funny that after spending a lot of money and waiting for the project completion they are neither getting something they neither asked nor need.

3. Fixing a Bug Creates two More

If you have ever written a code, regardless of the platform or language, you can relate to the fact they after fixing a bug, two or more errors occur. It may not be too funny in real life as it becomes more challenging for a developer to remove the error and deliver a bug-free module, whereas sharing such stories are in fact funny for others. I would like to share a quotation relevant to this point.
“If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.” (Edsger W. Dijkstra)

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4. Justifying a Delay to your Client is Funny

Funny Developers
PrestaShop development is complex and it needs sufficient time to create a module from the scratch. One has to understand the merchant’s problem, plan coding, configuration, testing and debugging and then come up with a plugin. For a common man, it is funny that a developer takes a whole lot of time as they are unable to see the continuous struggle behind the end product, and only a coder can feel the pain of justifying a delay in the work and ensuring them that it is not laziness.

5. A Sense of Humor to Avoid Distraction

Funny Developer
Besides the technical know-how, PrestaShop developers have a humorous mood which is rarely expressed. While working for a remote client or managing some of the tasks from home, they need a completely distraction-free environment. And, to achieve this they make use of their witty sense of humor which may not seem practical for the surrounding people, but expresses the urge for not to disturb him when he is at work.
The funniest moment may also include getting calls from family members to fix a hardware issue in their personal computers and receiving phone calls from friends about assistance in windows installation. Frankly speaking, it is not obvious that a developer must know fixing different issues of your PCs.

6. Spend 200 Hours on a Module but Unable to Sell it

PrestaShop has an active marketplace to showcase modules so that merchants can browse, review and purchase. But, it is not enough for generating a steep flow of revenue for your software house. It requires planning and implementing an impressive marketing strategy to reach a maximum number of merchants and convert them to your clients.
Unfortunately, developers have an in-depth knowledge of what they do, but fail in promoting their products. And, in turn, the affiliate marketers earn more than what they actually do.

7. Searching Online Help

Learning a skill and continuously working to improve it is not bad, whereas most of the developers are reluctant to ask for help from their peers and consider the online sources as the only solution. For example, they would like to ask questions from the experts over the Stack Overflow but never dare to inquire from a team lead.

8. Waiting for the Weekend to Enjoy

Funny Developer
Being busy all the week in developing PrestaShop Addons and themes, or customizing websites for their clients, they are passionately waiting for the weekend to come but they spend those two days in front of computers. It is a common life routine of anyone who is affiliated with IT industry as their minds are full of ideas and concepts which do not allow them to turn off the computers. In other words, their passion has turned into an obsession that’s why it is very hard for them to go out and hang out with friends and family. It might be painful for the community of developers, but funny in a sense that they cannot relax the way they have planned.

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9. Finding Bugs is Difficult

It often happens that when you are continuously working on a project you are unable to find an error, but your colleague or coworker finds it at a glance. This is amazing because anyone who digs deeply into a task is unable to find the problems that prevail on the surface. That is the way you might have checked the code twice or thrice but did not find the error. It is a natural instinct that we hardly criticize our work, hence most of the bugs are identified by people working next with us.

10. Getting Things Done for Free

You might relate to a fact that when friends and relatives find that you have a skill they start asking to complete their task for free. It happens to developers as well. As soon as an individual is recognized an eCommerce store developer, the people from the closed circle calls them to consult for an online store or tweaking an existing one for a higher functionality. The interesting thing is that they want to avail the facility of an expert free of cost and don’t bother to consider their time a precious asset.

There are funny things or incidents associated with every profession because the essence of leading a successful life lies in following the reality rather than the perfection. The PrestaShop developers are also committed to developing you a website that shows the real spirit of your business that attracts visitors and turns them into loyal customers.

Author Bio: Alastair Brian writer from “FMEModules” – a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Add-ons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn.