The Easiest Way To Turn Any Magento Site Mobile Friendly

The Easiest Way To Turn Any Magento Site Mobile Friendly
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The Easiest Way To Turn Any Magento Site Mobile Friendly

I have not forgotten and i am sure you have also not the big fat queues in front of Apple retail stores when Apple 6 and Apple 6 plus were launched. Not to forget the traffic swarm on online stores which offered advance booking of the same.

No one is oblivious of the fact that Mobile phones or phablets have now become the heartthrobs of this gadget oriented world. Possessing a mobile phone has now become the insignia of your rank. Well, this is the way it is for our gadget gen (Generation which is freaky about gadgets).

I use to think the same before purchasing my Brand new OnePlus2, though I used to have a smartphone but of low configuration. This was the reason I was unable to make use of the internet world. However, after purchasing the device I am completely smitten by it. Not just because it’s gorgeous, but everything is in there, in that small black box with gleaming scree.

You want to shop, learn, read, eat, talk or entertain you just need to extend your arm to fetch your smartphone from your desk. And BOOM its done.

Keeping in mind its usability is suggested Magento developers to switch to mobile development as it a greener pasture for you.

In this article I have discussed some of the simplest ways to switch to mobile.

Theme Switcher in Magento

Android has certainly liberated the mobile fraternity and many third party companies are making use of this open-source mobile development platform to present their creativity. Wherefore, we have an ample lot of devices which are on the very first hand fragmented on the bases of the platform and then are internally separated in the form of vendors.

Despite of all the high tech analytics you cannot predict that which device a customer is using for browsing internet. Thus, you need to be ready to deliver the best user experience to the users. With Magento there are chances that they cannot run on all the devices and hence you need a Magento Theme Switcher.

This is an extension for Magento that is supple enough to transform your website in accordance to the operating system and the browser on which the user is working. For this all you need to do is to download and install it and it comes with no licensing fees.

1. ShopGate


Who wouldn’t wish to have a mobile store which offers high conversions. If yes, then you must go for ShopGate. This is an amazing tool for creating a mobile friendly website for all kinds of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Apart from this it lets users  create the native app for their shopping store which is easily accessible via all the major devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Along with these features ShopGate deliver you numerous other feature, namely, barcode, push notification , personalized coupons and many more.

The best part is that you can try and test if for 14 days before purchasing it. And for purchasing it you just need to pay a monthly tariff of $19 .

2. CouchCommerce


I know it is very difficult to save a budget for IT for many a business owners, let alone molding it at every step as per the advancement in the technology. Thus, those who do not wish to make a mobile friendly store from the scratch can go for CouchCommerce.

It is one of the most popular tools which uses mobile app technology for converting your website in a mobile friendly one and that too without any impeccably. “Sofa SDK” is the technology used by this platform which helps you to render best experience on handheld devices. Some of its incredible feature comprise of  offline functionality, updates, integration with third party and many other things.

The only clause attached to it is that the software does not comes with a free trial, but the good thing thing that they drafted a complete costing plan, so you can pick the most favorable one.

3. Mobify


If you already have a Magento store, then you can easily install Mobify without affecting softwares of your marketing campaigns. After successful integration with your online store this tool utilizes user management tools in order to augment the functionalities of your eCommerce store in order to transform them into mobile friendly websites which can run even on small device screens.

Apart from this your app gets to utilize the device capabilities such as touch security, NFC and other options related to payment as well. Using this platform you can cater an optimal user experience for your users by making use of mobile touch points which fall only under the scope of native mobile application development.

4. Multi-Flat Rate Shipping

multi flat shipping

Adding discounts, personalized coupons and sales are the best options for not only bringing traffic in your store, but also increasing the conversion rate of your website. These Magento stores not only attracts the users, but also creates a need of buying products and this is why most of them always come integrated with it.

This further gives you the leverage to customize and extend your shipping options by incorporating Magento’s multi-flat shipping plugin. It further gives your customers the liberty to shop as they like by getting to know the shipping item on every item, creating flat rate and so on.

Author Bio: Arya Stark is a web developer at Ecommerce Web Development Company

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