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7 Teenage Shopping Habits To Consider Before Drafting A Marketing Plan

7 Teenage Shopping Habits To Consider Before Drafting A Marketing Plan
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For every E-commerce development company, a marketing plan is an essential document to help you research, find, and communicate with your target audience.

Without a marketing plan, your marketing would not be effective. Your marketing would be based on guesswork and it would be difficult to measure what works and what doesn’t work.

Your marketing plan varies based on your type of company, target audience, marketing goals, and a host of other things. No two marketing plans are the same. The marketing plan for an eCommerce development company would differ from that of an in-store restaurant.

For instance, if you are an e-commerce development company marketing to teenagers, you need to really grab their attention because there are so many things out there vying for their attention. In addition, their attention might be fickle most times. If it is not fast, interesting, and popular; it might not catch their attention.

According to a research on buying habits of teens, around 40 % of the teens spend their budget on fashion and girls shop more at discount and outlet stores as compared to boys. (Reference: yourbusiness.azcentral.com)

Understanding the buying or shopping habits of your target audience can help you create a better and an effective marketing plan.

And so, if you are targeting teenagers, there are some things you need to consider before drafting your marketing plan. Here are some of them:

  1. Research: Research is the fundamental aspect of any marketing plan. Take for instance, if an e-commerce development company tending to the needs of teenagers wants to write a marketing plan, the company ought to first thoroughly research the market. What are some of the current trends and practices available in the market? Who are some of your competitors? What are your competitors doing right and what are they doing wrong? How can you gain the attention of your teenage audience? How do they talk? What kind of messaging appeals to them? etc. Knowing all this would put you in a better position when marketing to teenagers.
  1. Work with a teenager: One of the ways to understand a person is to study them and ask questions. Find a way to hire teenagers perhaps as interns in positions they can learn from and you can learn from them as well. By doing this, you are able to understand how teenagers think, how they make their purchasing decision, what attracts their attention, and so on. You simply get first-hand insights into your target audience. 
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In addition, you can work with an influencer who is a teenager; this would be a great way to naturally attract teenagers to your company or an e-commerce development company if you run one. Working with an influencer further helps your marketing because when your target audience receives your advert messages via an influencer channel; It become less like an advert to them and they naturally accept the message(s).

  1. Meet them where they are: Don’t choose marketing platforms that teenagers don’t use. Instead, research on platforms that are more frequently being used by the teenagers and meet them there.

 It is simple – Focus, where your target audience is. For instance, in order to target teenagers for an e-commerce development company, you should consider platforms they frequently use like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Place adverts on such channels, create quality content that would draw their interest, be consistent, and so on.

  1. Come up with juicy promotions around peak shopping seasons: Most teenagers shop a lot during May/June/July due to graduation, prom, summer, etc. You can come up with interesting promotional activities that would catch their attention and make them make a purchase from your company.
  1. Find a way to get popular with teens: You want teens to buy from you? You need a strategy that would help you get lots of teens to notice you! Create events for teens, attend/sponsor teen-oriented events, advertise on platforms where teenagers are. Why is this necessary? This is because teenagers are mostly influenced by trends as well as recommendations from their friends. The more teens get to know you, the more brand awareness your business has.
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 For instance, if you run an e-commerce development company, you can sponsor teenage-oriented events where you get to meet lots of teens and they get to interact with your brand. Try this and see how it works!

  1. Leverage digital marketing: According to the Pew Research Center (2018), the most popular platforms among the teenagers in the U.S. are Snapchat, Youtube and Instagram. Teenagers are online, are you connecting with them? Your marketing plan should include your digital marketing strategy as well. Leverage the right digital marketing platforms and do it consistently. Consistency is an important factor in digital marketing.
  2. Think Mobile: Whatever your marketing strategy is, ensure you think mobile. This means you should not only create content or design campaigns for traditional desktops and computers; rather, think about your target audience and imagine how they would access your content. You should always remember to make it easy for your target audience to buy from you. For instance, does your e-commerce website design looks good on mobile? It is easy to read content on your website and even place an order when a teenager is accessing your website on mobile?

What are those things you consider before creating your marketing plan for teenagers? We would love to hear from you below!

Author Bio: Zeeshan Khalid is a Web Architect, an eCommerce Specialist, and an Entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of FME Extensions, a leading e-commerce web design and Magneto 2 website development company. Over the years, FME Extensions has successfully delivered projects in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms. You can find him on the LinkedIn.