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Simple Tips to Help You Boost Your Web Design Process

Simple Tips to Help You Boost Your Web Design Process
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The job of a web-designer requires juggling multiple tasks and looming deadlines which can often cause additional pressure and frustration. Every professional web-designer who strives towards produces top-notch results knows it’s impossible to that without the right set of web-design tools.

In the sea of tools that are available on today’s ever-increasing market, finding the ones that will help you improve your web-design efforts is a real challenge. That’s why we have rounded up a list of the essential tools that will undoubtedly simplify your processes and speed up the way you work.

Try them out and find the best solution that will help you optimize your working environment and create a real team culture.

1. Sketch

Sketch is a UI/UX design tool, specially designed for professional web-designers that give the power, flexibility and speed your team needs to focus on the creating the powerful design. It enables your team to create complex shapes with the state-of-the art and create beautiful and high-quality work from the initial to the final stage of the project development.

Sketch is a feature-rich software that uses CSS logic that lets you convert your designs into CSS more easily. It also helps you speed up the design/development process by using Automatic Slicing and creates assets using one-click export. To produce best possible results, make sure you use the right project management methodology such as critical path method.

2. Marvel

Marvel is a code-free design, prototyping and collaborative tool that helps your team transform images and sketches into interactive prototypes that look like real apps. With Marvel, you can make use of timers to manage the transition between slides of pages.

In order to use Marvel, you need to connect it with your Dropbox as it needs it to create your projects. It supports Sketch and Photoshop and can be used by anyone regardless of their skills, knowledge or experience.

3. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is the best project management software for designers that helps your team stay on the same page when managing multiple projects. It offers a number of features such as time-tracking, task management, team collaboration and invoicing.

With ActiveCollab, you can delegate the tasks to your team in a matter of seconds, keep track of all the changes and updates to the project and produce positive outcome within the desired timelines a budget.

On top of that, ActiveCollab lets you involve your client into the project and provide them with a clear overview of all the stages your team has been working on. Once the project is completed, your clients can invoice easily in just a few clicks.

4. Avocode

Avocode gives you the ability to code websites and apps from Photoshop or Sketch designs. It lets your team generate CSS, Swift and Android Code from layers, export images, fonts, styles. Also, it allows you to upload any Photoshop or Sketch files to one place, and organize designs into projects where your team can easily access and download the files they need at any real time.

Finally, with Avocode, you can give your team a regular feedback on all the changes and updates by notifying them on Slack or email and keep everyone in the same loop. It gives your team everything they need for coding and turns PSDs and Sketch files into interactive designs.

5. Atomic

Atomic is a web-design tool that requires no coding and it allows you to create your designs in your browser and share them for viewing on multiple devices. You can either start with a blank canvas or pull in Sketch or Photoshop files to Atomic.

What’s more, it offers a bundle of interaction triggers and gestures and enables you to create stunning transition and craft elements and create interactive elements to the designs before you share them with your team. It’s an excellent tool that lets you share your prototypes with your clients and get the feedback in a matter of seconds.

These tools will undoubtedly help you upgrade your web-design processes and point you in the right direction when it comes to creating a powerful design.

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