How SEO Pattern Change After Google Panda & Penguin Updates in 2016

How SEO Pattern Change After Google Panda & Penguin Updates in 2016
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A few years ago, SEO was considered a special kind of knowledge as how to manipulate Google’s search engine rankings with secret and smart tactics. While back then it seem to be the right choice, the SEO industry has matured a lot since then. Now SEO has become a multifaceted online marketing control that exceeds clever trickery and has become a vital necessity of expertise for every online marketer.

SEO consultancy services will always keep these facts in mind. Google has accelerated and facilitated this thing by changing the game to a certain level by helping the users find information faster than normal in different manners that emphasizes the giant’s own products.

So how is SEO developing and what exactly is Google’s aim? What is Google changing in their SEO pattern? How the Panda and Penguin updates are affecting the practices of SEO industry. So if you want to know more than keep on reading.

Google Panda Vs. Google Penguin

So what is the main difference between these two search engine heroes?  Which one throws more challenges to Google SEO practitioners?

The reality is that there is no actual competition between the two. Both of them are different but are in really good challenges for the SEO practitioners, any SEO consultancy services provider will tell you about it. Google Penguin and Google Panda are two separate programs that work hand in hand to fight web spam and give good rankings to high quality pages over the low quality ones.

google panda vs google penguin

Difference Between The Two

The major difference between the between the two update is in their functionalities.  Google Panda aims to penalize websites that have thin content, while Penguin focuses on penalizing websites that are overly optimized.

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Thin Content And Over-optimized Websites

So what is the difference between the two? Google Panda punishes and de-indexes websites that have thin contents or in simple words those websites that have low quality content. This particularly refers to websites that published spin articles or duplicate content from different multiple websites, or content which has no relevance to the users.

Over-optimized websites on the other hand are those websites that use web spamming techniques. They are heavily optimized with stuffed keywords and their link building tactics reveal their over optimization.  These webpages at the first look can’t be optimized as low quality. The Penguin Update has the capability to detect the over optimized websites and penalizes them without any mercy.

Google Admits The Value Of SEO Amidst Penguin And Panda

With the release of these two strong updates from Google, there was a lot of talk in the SEO marketing industry on the issue of these updates signaling that this might end SEO. But to clear all the wrong impression Google cleared in their post the importance of SEO among the two updates.

Google has said earlier that search engine optimization or SEO has a constructive and positive role. Effective SEO can make the website more crawlable and individual pages more accessible. SEO includes things like simple keywords research to make sure that the right keywords are on the page and is not just an industry jargon that normal people won’t type.

In A Nutshell…

A good SEO consultancy services provider will tell you this that many people who try to get the number one ranking the easy way always fail, while companies and brands who wait patiently to follow the rules set by Google, succeed in their goals and also stay there for long haul.