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Review – Magento 2 Analytics & Reporting Extension by Exto

Review – Magento 2 Analytics & Reporting Extension by Exto
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No decision in business is made without proper data analysis. E-commerce is no exception. Which of these products is more worth promoting? Should I spend more on products of this or that category of products? Did my store do better in August or in September? How much profit did I actually get? E-commerce owners have to answer loads of questions, if he\she wants the business to bear any fruit. Otherwise, your eCommerce can become just a waste of money. As most of eCommerce owners know the importance of analytics, developers also strive to install a quality reporting solution for their customers.

While the functionality of native Magento reports is considered limited, developers and e-commerce owners go for all kinds of reporting extensions that are available on Magento marketplace. Today most of reporting solutions for Magento 2 are either too expensive or more or less reliable or cheap and poorly coded.

I would like to introduce you to a tested and approved analytical and reporting extension for Magento 2 that is available for a free download – Exto Analytics.

It can give you valuable insights about your business, help you monitor its performance in real time and make data-driven marketing decisions.

Key Features

After you install Exto Analytics, 3 Reports will be available at your back-end:

  1. Sales Overview
  2. Sales by Product
  3. Sales by Category

All reports are customizable and easy to manage. Each of them is supplied with the following common features:

  • A Date range selector that allows you to see how your business performed at different periods. You can set up date range yourself or choose a predefined one such as yesterday, last-week, month etc.
  • Date Range also has a comparison function so you can set 2 date ranges and see how did  your performance has changed over different periods.
  • A Chart to help you visualize your data. If you change date range and report settings, it will also be reflected on the chart, as well as in report table.
  • A Sorting option, so that you can sort data by any column. You can also turn on/off some columns you don’t need for your current data analysis.
  • Sales Overview report gives you an idea about your business overall performance. You can getdata on your KPIs such as average sales, discounts, shipping amount, returns, taxes, prices, invoice statistics etc.
  • Sales by Product report enables you to check on your Bestsellers/worst-sellers by default. What is more,it also helps you analyze how some specific products perform and compare different products by various KPIs and at different date ranges. Any product can be found by SKU and product name.
  • Exto Analytics calculates Profit KPI for each of your products, which is basically the difference between your TotalPrice and Total Cost.
  • Sales by Category report shows your sales sorted bycategory, manufacturer, size, color, gender, material and many other attributes. Using this report, you can easily identify which category of products is brings more profit and therefore deserves further promoting.

Some more Benefits

  • Analytics extension also includes a real-time mobile dashboard. Thus, e-commerce owners can take a quick look at their store’s performance, understand its current state& pinpoint problems.
  • Reports can also be filtered by Magento store view, order status, order state and other filters
  • Exto Analytics will add all the previous data to the reports, once installed, unlike many other analytical solutions that start collecting data only since the day they wereset up.
    • This Analytics plugin for Magento 2 is available for download at Exto.io. You only need to create an account to download it for free. You can also schedule a demo first.

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