Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin

Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin
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It is undeniable that the appearance of Internet and E-commerce industry makes our life become more and more convenient. Nowadays, you just need to stay at home and with some clicks you can purchase anything you want on the Internet. Along with this new trend, a lot of related services also come out and shipping is not an exceptional. It is the field that most of online businesses concentrate on, they consider it as the core factor to compete with others. How to deal with huge amount of orders every day? How to ship product on time without any fault? There are thousands of headache question. However, we all sympathize with your worry and put a lot of effort to support you. A brand new product called “Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3.0.2 plugin” is an effective tool we want to offer you because it appears to be more useful than you desire. It is a good destination for shop owners of food, flowers, bakery, gifted, etc. Besides solving with all question mentioned above, there are several wonderful and amazing features and benefits added. Now, why don’t we take a look over all of them?


  • Selecting delivery location from the list provided
  • Advanced date selection in a calendar window
  • Choosing delivery time from time sliders
  • Date blocking function for annual holidays
  • Enable/disable delivery time easily
  • Integrating customizable layouts
  • Showing delivery time on invoice


  • The price is reasonable to use and make your website better
  • In admin panel of this Virtuemart plugin, you can adjust the color of the plugin. You can choose your favorite colors and design website in your own styles.
  • It got a intuitive interface that you can easily manage


  • Saving tons of time and money in managing delivery time and date, the process will be carry out automatically instead of manually recording theme.
  • Customers can decide an exact date or a more flexible with a period of time and experience with great plug-in showing date on calendar.
  • There is a time slider to choose time easily by dragging automatically.
  • If it is not in your working day, that’s ok, you can totally block those dates so you’re your customers cannot select them. Your shipping plan will be managed effectively
  • The information of delivery date and time will be shown explicitly on invoice. Shop owner can realize when to deliver the order.

For easy understanding you can watch the video demo as well :

The Price of extension is $49.25

To buy that extension simply click on Red Button 

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