PrestaShop 1.7 – Expectations Needs and Wishes

PrestaShop 1.7 – Expectations Needs and Wishes
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PrestaShop is the 2nd best ecommerce platform currently in the market. It had won CMS critics award recently in 2014 and now after the start of PrestaShop cloud hosting features; it has captured a huge market. Currently, PrestaShop latest version is which is stable to run for any ecommerce website. PrestaShop developer’s are working hard to make the next update of series 1.6.0.x more useful but basically, all these efforts are just to make the version 1.6 more stable by removing bugs and minor updates. Therefore, if you are looking for mind blowing changes, just wait for the PrestaShop version 1.7.

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In today’s blog, I have suggested some of the changes which Presta team has needed to consider for the version 1.7. Some of these suggestions are taken from the dh42 blog. So let’s start from here;

PrestaShop 1.7 – Expectations and Needs

I have suggested 12 points which should be preferred in the next version.

  1. Newsletter Subscribers Management and Server Configuration

In PrestaShop 1.6, there is a newsletter block at the frontend that is used to subscribe the newsletter by the customers of that website. In this way, merchants are able to collect the email addresses of the related persons but unfortunately there is no option to send the newsletter to the subscriber in any way. I think this is a big flaw in PrestaShop 1.6 and it should be catered in next version 1.7 such that merchants not only can collect the email address but also can send the newsletter in bulk.

  1. Clean URLs

Google prefers those sites whose urls are free from useless information like ids, tags, numbers, equal signs etc. If Magento can allow clean urls by default then why not PrestaShop. Hence, this issue should be considers in the next update 1.7.

  1. Fast One Page Checkout

Many of the new platforms like OpenCart has realized the thing that most of the abandoned carts are due to lengthy checkout process. This is the reason that OpenCart is using one page checkout. Therefore, PrestaShop 1.7 should have to cater it.

  1. HTTPs Support

PrestaShop cloud hosting is recently launched that is mind breaking news for merchants but a big flaw is that it doesn’t have a https support. Same is the case with default PrestaShop store. Due to which merchants have to use buy external https certificates to secure their sites. If this feature comes by default in Presta 1.7, it would be a great favor for the merchants.

  1. By Default Blog

Content plays the role of a king in SEO. Currently, PrestaShop don’t have by default blog option. Therefore, merchants have to integrate WordPress in PrestaShop or they use a blog module. Both the processes are too complex. I.e. WordPress integration is a difficult task at the other end, blog modules can’t provide full functionality. So there is a need of default blog in PrestaShop.

  1. Excessive features should be removed

There are some of the features in PrestaShop that are not used by most of the e-merchants. These features include shipping system, currency support, warehouse information etc. Such features only slow down the website speed. Therefore, these features should be removed in PrestaShop 1.7.

  1. Module Sections

At the backend of PrestaShop, modules should be shown in relevant category like administrative modules, SEO modules, payment modules, revenue driver modules etc. In this way, merchants have the facility to use and configure their desired module easily.

  1. Tabs on Home and Product Pages

Most of the e-merchants like to place their products in tabs on home page i.e. hot products, top seller products, new product tabs. Similarly, they like to place product information in separate tabs i.e. product faq, product screenshots, product reviews tabs etc. To get these things, merchants customize their theme or uses external modules. If this comes by default, it will be great favor to the merchants.

  1. Password Algorithm

Currently, PrestaShop is using md5 algorithm which is out dated due to spammers and hackers. Most of the shopping carts are using advance password algorithms. Therefore, this algo should be revised in PrestaShop 1.7.

  1. Theme Editing Options

WordPress themes can be edited from the backend and users can easily edit the CSS and other options. Unfortunately, PrestaShop does not support this feature and merchants have to get into ftp to edit theme. If WordPress can allow the users to do that then why not PrestaShop?

  1. No URL Change for Language

The current scenario is that when a PrestaShop merchants shifts to another language a prefix will be added in the url that is not according to search engine guidelines. It is a need to be addressed in PrestaShop 1.7 that urls will not change with language change.

  1. 404 Page Customization

PrestaShop should go ahead to make the 404 error page more customer friendly by given the option to the merchants to show some related information at the error page. Like, “the page you are looking is not found however if you are looking to a similar page visit here”. That can be done only if merchants have the option to customize the error page.

There were all of the suggestions, needs and wishes in my mind. If you think that you have some other suggestions, writes us in the comment section to make this article updated.