PrestaShop – Superb Features are Included

PrestaShop – Superb Features are Included
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Great news for PrestaShop Merchants!

PrestaShop has done major changes in its design and coding structure by the virtue of which its overall performance is increased upto 10% more. According to a PrestaShop official, speed of PrestaShop is now 65% more than the previous version That was the biggest need of Presta merchants.

Fortunately, the things that I mentioned here in my previous blog about PrestaShop 1.7, some of them done by the Presta team in v. That is I think the biggest achievement of PrestaShop.

Why the Optimization Race?

Of course Magento and WooCommerce are biggest competitors of PrestaShop. This is the reason that Presta Team is working hard to defeat them to capture the 1st position. Let us see that when such time will come.

Coming to the point that what are the major improvements in features of PrestaShop and why it is said to be a big achievement.

Superb Features of PrestaShop

On PrestaShop day 2015, Preston was introduced; a small bird like Google Hummingbird and Penguin. That was basically the new logo of PrestaShop which is now introduced at backend. This is just a representation and top features are given below.

Backoffice Representation

Backoffice is much improved with true use of green and blue color. These colors are used for yes/no colors that made a slight change in the presentation of back office.



Superb speed offered by PrestaShop in v. Now in peak traffic hours, you will get smooth PrestaShop for you and your users. This is mainly due to;

  • Proper use of SQL queries in PHP core files.
  • Problem of cache is eliminated after the integration of custom smarty module that has eliminated the need of cache forcing to shared file system(NFS).
  • Better use of memory resources
  • Fast csv import speed.
  • Better search indexing speed
  • Cart rules and categories can be loaded asynchronously
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New Coding Standard

Currently for upto V. PrestaShop was adopting PSR-1 coding standard but now it has gone for PSR-2 which is more advance than the previous standard. This coding standard is going to improve the code integrity, compatibility and overall PHP environment.

“Advanced EU Compliance” Module Integration

PrestaShop has integrated a new free module at backend which is helpful to cater with EU pricing and taxation rules. As we know that EU legal compliance rules are quite tough, PrestaShop has encountered them by defining 15 different price rules in Advanced EU compliance module.


Semantic Versioning Scheme

From now, the PrestaShop will follow the new standard for defining the version numbers. The better presentation will now makes it possible for developers and other concerns that the version number and other prefixes exactly do the what? either there is major upgrade, a bug fixer or some features integration.


Tax and Price Rounding

New rules are defined for

  • Taxes
  • Rounding off prices

Invoice Layout

Invoice layout is redesigned with the option of displaying legal information.

Some other minor improvements are as under;

  • new e-mail Input fields
  • warning for PHP Version less than 5.4
  • new hooks product-list.tpl, in blocknewsletter.tpl and in the back office for the robots.txt creation
  • abbreviation in cross-selling module

Most important News

The most important news is that PrestaShop 1.7 is on its way and will be released before winter of 2015. Beside the version update PrestaShop is also doing partnership with top companies like Olark, Price Waiter, Stamps to offer free features integrated in PrestaShop. Such integration are not frequent and are not related to  version change.