Optimize Your Magento Checkout Process

Optimize Your Magento Checkout Process
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To optimize your Magento checkout process you need a quality plugins.As you know magento is considered as one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. Despite this, when you choose t as a platform for your e-commerce store, you still have to worry about how to make it more shopping- friendly. And one of the main reasons that prevent your shopper from placing any order is checkout process. It is often a very frustrating experience and there is no wonder that some people may become annoyed and quit in the process.

If you get trouble dealing with this issue, CMSmart Market Place offers a solution to optimize your checkout process called Magento One Step Checkout Extension. With this Module, your customer can finish all process in only one step instead of 6 steps must be done in normal. This will save time and help your customers have a great shopping experience in your website.

In addition, This Magento Extension has a lot of features that provide you increased benefits:

Freedom to Change Colors:

You can change the entire color theme with just one click and with the unlimited colors to choose from, you can simply set the color according to the festive or tradition.

Quick to respond Design for All Smart Devices:

The layout of this extension is optimized for most popular devices like smart phones tablet pc etc.

Geo IP Technology:

With the functionality of this feature you can easily restrict and scan visitor’s country, his city, province etc. up to your requirement.

Additional Features on Checkout Page:

Magento checkout process not only makes it faster for your customers to check out but also provides many additional functions at checkout step (backing gift options, put on rebate, leave a statement, subscribe to newsletter…)

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Auto-update for customers shipping method and shipping rates when they choose their country, city, region and zip code


Geo IP technology makes it easy to auto-filling for country, city, state/province and zip code.

Now let see what CMSMART customers say after purchase this extension:

  • Habsahboutique – a customer who gave 5 stars for the best extension He told:

“I love One Step Checkout extension from CMSMART because it’s very simple, easy to use and fast checkout process. I just had a Great support with it after sale. and would like to mention my appreciation for all the help I have received. I had number of issues and questions about my extension customization, as well as some technical challenges – and got very quick, highly accurate response and finally all the fixes to my problems. Excellent communication, politeness and really willingness to support, as well as high technical knowledge, which mirrors from Dessy – made my day. Thanks! You have an outstanding Customer support Team!”

  • Miami1 recommended this extension  on magento-connect:

“There are many one step checkout extensions available out there. Therefore, I took my time prior making my choice.’’

This extension has the same features as those for sale for $250 and yet for a cheaper price. And different from a few bad companies selling extensions in here, this company stand behind its products. They will support you if you need to.”

It is just a few examples. There have many things to keep saying about One Step Checkout Plugin but you should experience it by yourself. Let make your clients more satisfied and raises your sales now.

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