Mobile Commerce in 2018: Insights, Trends & Statistics [Infographic]

Mobile Commerce in 2018: Insights, Trends & Statistics [Infographic]
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“Shopping on the Go” seems to be the most embraced mantra of shoppers in 2018. Thanks to their relationship with their smartphones, shoppers no more prefer to buy from laptops and desktops. Which has given rise to the “mobile driven” ecommerce world. According to Goldman Sachs, the mobile oriented spending is expected to go from $204 Billion in 2014 to $626 Billion this year.

From the above statistics, it seems quite clear that the ecommerce store owners aiming to be successful must find out ways to please their customers with the most convenient ways to shop. Retailers need to ensure that they invest into the right place, innovate, and strike a personalized relationship with their customers. So, should the retailers invest in making mobile friendly websites or mobile apps? Well, they need to do both and everything it takes to boost their ROI and retain their customers.

As we look at the mobile focused future, we should know about the factors that are responsible for driving the growth of global M-commerce. If you know about the mobile commerce metrics, it will help you to measure performance of your company and help you to achieve your business goals. For the ecommerce store owners who are looking forward to make their mark in 2018, this infographic will provide with all the valuable information they need. Go through it and obtain all the insights, trends, and statistics on Mobile Commerce in 2018.

The Infographic provides details about the following:

  • Country wise Mobile Consumption Percentage
  • Reasons Why People Prefer to Shop Using Mobile Phones?
  • Mobile Marketing Statistics from the Recent Years
  • A table presenting year wise information about M-commerce Sales in the US
  • Reasons Why Companies Should Go Mobile Responsive in the year 2018?
  • M-commerce Trends That You Will Witness in 2018
  • Drawbacks of Mobile Ecommerce
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Mobile Commerce in 2018: Insights, Trends & Statistics [Infographic]