Mobile Application Development – 5 Common Mistakes That App Developers Make and How to Avoid Them

Mobile Application Development – 5 Common Mistakes That App Developers Make and How to Avoid Them
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In this high-tech world, the technology is evolving with each passing day and the mobile application development is gaining popularity and in the coming years, it is going to be more competitive than ever.

“There are approximately 2.8 million applications at the Google Play store whereas Apple App Store has more than 2.2 million apps as of March 2017”, according to an expert mobile app development company. 

There are a number of mobile applications that have been ignored by users and remain unnoticed due to the minor common mistakes that app developers make.

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Even some of the experienced app developers in NYC can make mistakes and ruin your business application and reputation in market.

  1. Developing a complete suite– The big brands tend to develop applications with multiple features and functionalities. But, for a small-scale business being new to the industry, you should not follow this approach. Developing a mobile application offering a complete suite requires an extensive knowledge and experience in the respective field, otherwise you may end up making mistakes.

Most of the app developers in NYC try to create an application that solves different problems and serves different purposes. However, it has been observed that such kind of applications can confuse people and you should try to avoid building these apps. The best app developers in NYC believe that an application should focus on solving one problem effectively instead of giving insignificant solutions for many.

  1. Device’s compatibility isn’t important– This is a totally false statement. Your app should support compatibility with different devices. Some of the app developers in NYC believe device compatibility a trivial factor in its creation. But, as you know people use different devices that have varied operating systems, size and resolution. So, for a successful app, you need to consider device compatibility before you start with design and development.

When a developer is building an android application, it means the app should be compatible with different android devices, for which he needs to test the app on different devices in order to accurately analyze its compatibility.

  1. Overlooking Bug Tracker– The naïve developers often ignore the importance of integrating ‘Bug Tracker’ in their newly developed app. The occurrence of errors and bugs in the android application is a common; no one is expert in coding web applications and errors do occur. However, adding a bug tracker in your android application will help you identify the errors and find solutions in order to support smooth functioning.

The best app developers will include bug tracker tools that prove extremely helpful in tracking bugs and finding solutions.

  1. Ignoring the marketing of app– Many of you think that designing, coding and development phase of the application doesn’t finish the actual purpose of the work. If you want to accomplish success with your developed application, you need to focus on marketing of the app as well.

For this, first you need to understand your target audience, plan an effective marketing strategy and then, find the right platform. The next step would be to launch the marketing campaign that targets your potential clients. Also, consider investing in ads. You can use social media advertising via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. as these platforms have large number of active users. Moreover, recent study has revealed that social media turn out the best marketing platform as it allows you to target thousands of people and makes your app discoverable to many.

  1. Failure to release regular updates– In this hi-tech world, when every hour a new technology is introduced, your app also needs constant modifications and updates in order to compete with the advancing digital technology.

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An expert mobile app development company in NYC continues to add new features and update the existing ones in order to serve the customers in a more efficient way. Knowing the customer feedback allows you to update your application in order to provide an enriched experience to the customers.

Steps you should take to avoid these blunders-

The most important step a developer should take is to plan in advance. All the above mentioned points should be jotted down under “important notes” and should be followed in the entire development process.

The best app developers in NYC will make use of right bug tracking tools in their application that will help them easily track the bugs and manage the issues as soon as possible.

Author Bio: Emily johnson works in e-commerce website development in NYC.

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