Mind Blowing All in One Chrome Plugin for Facebook

Mind Blowing All in One Chrome Plugin for Facebook
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Following my previous post about Top 10 Useful SEO Extensions in Chrome which was a general post related to Social media and social search engine Optimization, this time i decided to focus just only on Facebook.

As we know that Facebook is the strong channel for business marketing and introducing products and brand to the the public. At the same time, celebrities, stars and public figures use it to remain connected with their fans and followers.

I was just doing a research to know about the best chrome plugin about Facebook and luckily, I found a Mind blowing All in One Chrome Plugin which will surely make your life easier.

Facebook Toolkit for Chrome

With the help of this plugin you will be able to do your day to day tasks in minutes with single clicks.

Can you imagine that you can do the following things just in seconds;

  1. Invite your friends to like your page
  2. Invite your friends to join your groups
  3. Accept all friend requests at once
  4. Event invitation
  5. Click all like buttons
  6. Facebook video downloader
  7. Click all pokes
  8. Get free Facebook followers
  9. Unlike all Facebook Pages at once
  10. Unfriend all friends at once
  11. Unfollow all Facebook friends at once
  12. Delete all comments at once
  13. Reject all friend requests at once
  14. Unfollow all Facebook Groups at once
  15. Remove Facebook page likes
  16. Remove all Facebook groups
  17. Cancel all pending Friend Requests
  18. Ignore all friend suggestions
  19. Facebook Group Transfer
  20. Post on multiple groups at once
  21. Post on own Facebook pages
  22. Claim as Group Admin
  23. Add all friends as groups amdns
  24. Group admin transfer
  25. Message all friend at once
  26. Post on Liked pages
  27. Join multiple groups using group IDs
  28. Send birthday wishes
  29. Facebook Group member tagger
  30. Extract Group emails
  31. Extract friends emails
  32. Extract Friends IDs
  33. Extract Groups IDs
  34. Extract User Likes
  35. Extract Groups Members IDs
  36. Extract groups members emails
  37. Extract Phone numbers of Facebook friends
  38. Extract Facebook Fan Page IDs

From all these 38 features, I tested them and they work like a charm. One important thing is that last 20 tools are premium.

How to Use this Chrome Facebook Social Toolkit Plugin

Go to the Chore Web store using the link (https://bit.ly/1vrr3Fb). Click on add to chrome. This will add this plugin to your chrome browser and an icon appears in the icon tray. Now login to your Facebook profile and click this icon, all the options will appear in the menu. Select your choice and enjoy.

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