Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite Help Professionals Secure Devices

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite Help Professionals Secure Devices
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With cyber threats become much more sophisticated and intelligent, a plethora of on-premise solutions certainly can’t protect sensitive data with effectiveness. It calls for special attention from every dot net development company to develop solutions which can provide the much-needed protection of the businesses’ sensitive data. In this regard, we have witnessed the emergence of latest Microsoft suite, which offers the solution that is desperately needed by the businesses.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite Help Professionals Secure Devices

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security suite offers on the control panel in the entire cloud for device management, identity management, information protection along with secure access to different apps as well as resources. The businesses don’t have to trade their own mobile flexibility for enterprise security. It is a prevalent mentality of adoption along with adaptation as well as scalability, which will finally assist in restructuring the posture of the business for a comprehensive approach to promote an active Enterprise mobility solution easily.

Using such a solution and its wide range of intelligent tools which are integrated with Office 365 and Azure platforms offer the businesses with quite a conclusive path in order to improve their hybrid and cloud security postures. Also, it is quite an essential tool for various environments which wish to better control their entire assets along with intellectual property, meanwhile minimizing the impact of actual human resources required. Whether a business adopts a BYOD or Bring Your Own Device program or CYOD or Choose Your Own Device, Office 365, cloud applications and Microsoft Intune completely work together to significantly improve all of the security controls for MS Office 365.

Here, we discuss how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security suite assist professionals to secure their devices that are used within the enterprise. Its primary features are discussed along with its abilities as well as how it adds value to the enterprise environment with quite an extreme focus on the protection of end-users along with corporate data.

How tools of MS Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite Improve Security Posture

When it comes down to securing productivity along with collaboration as well as enterprise data, is critically essential as businesses keep transforming digitally. EMS assists in management functionalities over laptops, tablets, workstations, apps and smartphones with a lesser amount of on-premise resource paired with its inherent ability to completely balance workloads with the assistance of SCCM/ConfigMgr integration. It can be done through the assistance of Microsoft Technology Associate.

To assist associate security concepts, Microsoft breaks down the entire features into a more affordable and digestible form of platform pillars.

Protection of Front of Company’s Data and Apps

Every solution begins with the entire identity protection abilities to secure access at the front of the “front door” of company’s data and apps. Active Directory Identity Protection of Microsoft Azure leverages a whole lot of signals to offer risk-based conditional access to business applications as well as critical company data which include multi-factor authentication option.

Also, by calculating the entire risk severity for each user as well as sign-in attempt, different risk as well as conditional-based access rules can easily be successfully applied to protect against any sort of suspicious logins. The user can sign in once for easy, secure access to all of the corporate resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, right from any particular device. It includes innovative pre-integrated support for MS Office 365 as well as a plethora of popular SaaS applications.

This suite also assists in managing and protecting various privileged accounts with Active Directory Privileged Identity Management of Azure such that the user can discover, even restrict as well as monitor different privileged identities along with their access to the company resources. Thus it streamlines and secures Enterprise Mobility Management of a company.

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Protection of Data and Identities at Anywhere

Microsoft offers deep visibility into the entire user as well as data activity such that the professionals can protect their company whenever users make any poor choices as they work with particularly critical company data. It is essential to gain much deeper visibility into the user, device as well as data activity in the cloud and on-premises in order to create much more effective, granular level company policies. Also, classify and even label file at creation, along with track their usage and even change permissions whenever necessary.

It must be noted that Microsoft Cloud App Security offers both visibility and control for different cloud apps which include popular and famous SaaS apps like Salesforce, Box and of course, MS Office 365. Owing to the capabilities of Azure Information Protection, it brings together both classification as well as labelling with consistent data protection to allow secure file sharing, both internally as well as externally.

Also, MS Intune Mobile App Management assists in preventing data loss on different devices with the help of its inherent unique ability to easily manage the various Office mobile apps without even requiring device enrolment as well as with the device enrolment.

Detection and Remediation of Risks Prior to Damage

As more businesses move on to assuming a breach posture, enterprise mobility solutions are being utilized. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Solution Advanced Threat Protection easily identifies the attackers in the company using its innovative and unique behavioural analytics as well as anomaly detection technologies. It uses Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics with on-premises and Azure Active Directory as well as Cloud App Security in case of the cloud.

The entire intelligence is duly enhanced with MS Intelligent Security Graph, which is driven by huge data sets as well as machine learning in the cloud. Along with this, Identity attackers in the organization are detected using innovative technologies which are driven by huge amounts of MS threat intelligence as well as security research data.


Considering all of this, tools associated with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security suite allows the professionals with greater protection along with detection as well as response capabilities for the entire mobile workforce. MS EMS, along with its products certainly increases the security features of Office 365 and Windows 10 and even promote a single point of seamless enterprise mobility management.

Author Bio: Amit Agrawal Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited which is an custom software development company.


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