Magneto Refer A friend Extension By “aheadWorks”

Magneto Refer A friend Extension By “aheadWorks”
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This Magneto Refer a friend Extension by aheadWorks is a viral marketing tool for your web store. With the help of this extension you can make your present customers as ambassadors and initiate a strong word of mouth marketing practice, which will encourages them to refer a friend to your store and gain discounts as a prize.

 This referral extension is beneficial for both customers and web merchants because by using the technique of referral not only give reward to your present customers but also bring more customers for you which ultimately expend the circle of your customers and revenue as well.

Features in the context of customers:

Get a Reward.                                                                      

 Through this extension now it’s become very beneficial for your customers to suggest products to their friends. Because the more friends they refer the more they get reward 

Complete information.

With the help of this extension customers can get the statistical information about the reward they had got. This statistical information includes status report, signup, email confirmation, purchases items history etc. Through this system your customers will know each and every thing about their referrals.

Bonus to the invited customer.

 Do you know?  Now you can reward not only the referrer, but give discounts to the customer who registers to your store after being invited by another customer

 Increase conversions.

When any customers refer their friends it includes the referrer’s name which is more likely to be open by customers by click through rates that why the chances of their earning referral commission, which ultimately increase conversions for you.

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Features in the context of Merchants:

Brand promotion.

This refer a friend module facilitate you to promote your brand image in front of your customers because referral will increase the cycle of your customers and your brand will be getting familiar to more people .

 Referrer’s link.

 If your web store have a welcome page for your upcoming customers then insert the page URL in the redirect to fields, so that visitors will be redirected to the concerned page after being click on referrer link.

 Additive discounts.

You can allow or restrict your customers from using a referral discount together with a shopping cart coupon with some promotional offers or additional discount.

  Referral discounts.

Online merchants can control all referrers’ earnings and have the authority to change the amount of fixed and percent discounts of referrers manually as well.

The price of this extension is  $99