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Magento WordPress Integration Plugin By FishPig

Magento WordPress Integration Plugin By FishPig
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In today Modern technology world, almost everyone seems to be well known about E-business.If we define electronic business in simple words then its mean any business which is managed through internet (online /offline ) we can say it is E-business . For maintaining online business then you defiantly need some platform where you offer your products or services to  customers .There are  many platforms but here I tell you about some famous one like WordPress . Magento , Prestashop , drupal etc .

The reason behind of explaining all this is to create a baseline to those who are not much familiar with these platforms, This introduction will give them little understanding about it .

magento wordpress inegration plugin by fishpig

If you are running a Magento  store  then you defiantly know that it’s an e-commerce stand and this form of e-commerce place is not  comparatively good as WordPress in content management,  because this platform is best in cms and SEO point of view .So you need something which can integrate these two giants for more effective and lead generation result .because content play a major role in the development and ranking of your site , so you defiantly need a blog  on your website especially if you have Magento based store.

Today Saim Khan brings a plugin for those who want all this on their web store .The most important thing about this plugin is that it is free of cost .Now let talk about this amazing free plugin named Magento WordPress integration  by FISHPIG. Thousands of Magento website owners have installed this extension due to its attractive look and easy to use functionality , You can analyze the importance of this plugin through SERPs as well when you type Magento WordPress integration you will find this module on first page.

Now let’s have a look on some of its features

Merchants Benefits:

  • Now it’s easy for you to integrate WordPress blog in your Magento store for your users easiness (readability)
  • As you know WordPress is famous as cms (content management system) , blogging and SEO point of view so it can play a vital role in your site ranking
  • Magento WordPress integration will not enable to completely avoids Magento look on your site , this plugin just helps you to make a connection with your WordPress and Magento theme integration
  • You can use the features and components of both the platforms which contains the static blocks functionality , navigating the menus and other useful customized features
  • Thousands of Magento store owners have downloaded this amazing plugin due to its  great content publishing features and very helpful in search ranking
  • The things which make Magento WordPress integration  very popular because it has some help of very useful and popular extensions like Yoast SEO Plugin contact from 7 ,Visual composer , and Disqus comment moderator etc which will provide you more help in ranking and popularity of your posts.
  • You can connect your Magento WordPress blog to any of your website category and pages as well

Customers Benefits

  • By adding this plugin make your website attractive and easy to read,  and create a good image in the mind of users
  • As we discuss earlier that this result oriented plugins help you in search engine ranking , which will increase your traffic so more users will visit your site
  • Quality images shown through this module in your Magento store blog, attract visitors attention and stay more on your site which is good for your site health
  • Admin can make the featured post in a blog and make categories as well which not only directs users concentration but also make very easy to find any category they want.









This Magento WordPress Integration Plugin is Free :

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