Magento Securing its Roots in Europe

Magento Securing its Roots in Europe
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Being an open source platform, Magento is a popular e-commerce solution favored by merchants due to its versatility, supportability and excellent community among many beneficial traits. Among its international market, it has been building increasing momentum in Europe with the implementation of its upgraded cloud platforms and Magento 2.

With 42 percent more licenses registered for Magento and an ever increasing community, Magento continues to be a dominating platform in Europe. Magento focuses on delivering solutions based on user queries rather than just focusing on market trends and developing a product based on it. This favors a higher acceptance by user since it provides the solutions that they were searching for.

Advantages of Using Magento

Magento hasn’t just earned its place by being a trend – it is a highly functional platform that provides quality solutions. Following are a few major advantages that users benefit from by using it:

  • High ROI: Magento is a flexible platform that provides useful features at your fingertips with options to customize them to a great degree, which eliminates the need for development from the very beginning for each feature.
  • Supportability: Rather than being Java based, Magento is developed in PHP. Considering that the web favors PHP as over 70 percent comprises of it, Magento has a tactical edge over other platforms since integrating changes is both cost effective and fast.
  • Open Source: With code available for everyone to access, Magento has developed a strong community of over 400,000 and counting users who are continuously contributing to its development. This provides strong help and feedback and promises that Magento will continue to have a stable future.
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Development in Key Sectors

Magento is quick to identify assets with potential and has made business decisions that have permitted intense growth and development. By expanding the deployment of Magento 2 platform by integrating it with 12,500 up and running sites, the success of its newer version is clearly visible. The official market place now provides over 1,300 extensions which are developed to cater to a vast scope of customer requirements.

Increasing Influence

Magento has been steadily strengthening its roots internationally, especially in Europe due to an ever increasing customer base. Not only this, but it has been collaborating actively with e-commerce giants such as Vertex and Amazon Pay and dedicating resources for providing quality customer support, investing in its active personnel and hiring staff for managing growing sales. By expanding their overall structure and improving on its existing resources, European markets continue to feel the presence of Magento.

Magento offers a combination of very well balanced features which makes it the most popular mid-tier e-commerce platform. It is ranked as the fastest growing platform in Europe and from Internet Retailer’s list of top 500 e-commerce giants in Europe, 53 use Magento.

Future Predictions

E-commerce is Europe is predicted to dramatically increase and this opens lucrative prospects for numerous brands to enter the fray and expand their businesses. Magento has invested heavily in its platforms such as Magento Social and Magento Business Intelligence, which proves their commitment towards their goal of producing the best e-commerce in Europe.

Moving Forward with Magento

Magento already owns majority ecommerce websites in American regions and the UAE. As ecommerce websites in Dubai are gaining popularity, many international businesses established in Europe are becoming more inclined towards Magento based online stores. Magento has also taken special interest in the European market due to its evolving demands and an opportunity to establish itself as a platform which caters to all diversities, with aims to be the only one that provides e-commerce solutions. With intense product development at the hands of professionals combined with a highly interactive community, it has proven itself to have a lasting future in European markets.

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Author Bio: Simon Walker is an SEO consultant and eCommerce specialist who has worked in this Industry for almost 7 years. He has worked on several web development projects and is currently working for FME Dubai – a well-known web development company in Dubai, UAE.