How to Use Magento CSV Pricing to Calculate Prices

How to Use Magento CSV Pricing to Calculate Prices
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When you go to a physical shop to purchase curtains, blinds, fabric, banner, canvas and barrels etc., then the shop keeper generally use calculating devices to calculate the final prices of these products by considering their lengths/widths/height. This is quite smooth process for a physical shop but the same process became too complicated when customers want to shop these products from an online shop.

Why Prices are Difficult to Calculate in Online Store for Variable Sized Products?

For products of fixed prices, merchants can show a price on products page, customers’ pays that price and shop easily. In the case of variable sized products, merchants can’t display prices easily because prices depend on the physical dimensions of those products. Price calculation of such products needs an intelligent calculation process for quick and smooth prices calculation.

Price calculation of variable sized products should be quick enough to display within seconds because clients don’t have so much time to wait for price display on products pages.

Possible Solution to Calculate Prices of Variable Sized Products

The possible solution to calculate prices in such case is to make a CSV file containing the different price combination associated with the physical dimensions of those products.  Afterwards, attaching the files with the products is helpful to calculate the prices in seconds.

Procedure of CSV Based Pricing

Customers will be displayed the boxes to input dimension on products pages. When client enters dimension, a backend process scans the attached CSV files for those dimensions and displays the prices at the front end in seconds. Let’s take an example to understand the whole process.


Customers are purchasing curtains from an online shop and they want to know prices for 5*5(length, widht), 5*7 and 7*5. System will show the prices as 50, 70 and 54 respectively according to the csv file as can be seen in the given image.

CSV Pricing

For this purpose merchant has to define the price combination and dimensions in a csv file.

How to Setup a Magento CSV Pricing Based System?

CSV pricing is quite a tough system to devise as it needs intelligent coding skills. For merchant’s convenience, I am giving the link of CSV pricing based plugin in Magento, which will help to do the whole pricing produces smoothly.

Some Must Haves for CSV Pricing Based System in Magento

Following features should be available in Magento csv pricing;

  • A single page system containing csv files of all products.
  • Facility to attach a single csv files with multiple products.
  • Front-End Dimensions input box settings i.e. custom labels


CSV Pricing based system is the only way to calculate the prices of variable sized products. This system is efficient, smooth and quick at the same time. If you’re merchant of variable sized products, this system is must have for you.

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