Magento Advance Google Store locator Extension by AspirantApps

Magento Advance Google Store locator Extension by AspirantApps
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This Google store locator extension by “AspirantApps helps merchants to show their business locations to the existing customers. Customers can detect the location with the help of Google maps. Merchants can use store location or the product name to locate the nearby locations.

The Google locator module for Magento helps customers to locator nearest store locations as well the direction to reach at the shop. This Plug-in users can customize it will many other functions like layout, text, images and view. The Ajax search processing makes it easy for the customers to view map without refreshing the page. This add-on can automatically detect the location for the customers and nearest business outlet will be shown on Google map.

The store owner can make custom markers such as longitude, latitude coordinates and can upload popup images from the admin section.

Top Features:

  • Just address is required there is no need of Geographic coordinates for searching nearest location of store
  • Map marker is highlighted and if the customers hover over on the link on the sidebar
  • By using Ajax the store marker can easily be added or deleted
  • Google maps easily detects customers locations without asking any question
  • There is no need of refreshing the page for new search result
  • Easily customize the layout of this Google maps locator module by “AspirantApps” from main page
  • Extension contains SEO features added in it

Merchants Benefits:

  • Merchants can personalize map markers with different images to help customer’s recognition of the store
  • This extension helps merchants to easily list as many store do you want
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Customers Benefits:

  • With the help of Ajax the Magento Google store locator plug-in provides improved searching experience
  • With the help of nearest location or the products of the store creates ease for the customers for searching


The price of this plugins is $89.99

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