Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields Extension by FMEextensions

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields Extension by FMEextensions
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The default Magento 2 platform offers a set of checkout fields, however not all merchants/customers would need the same fields all the time. They may in certain situations need to add custom fields to checkout to enrich their checkout page. Here’s when Magento 2 custom checkout fields come in handy. Store owners may also need to add custom fields according to their business model and customer’s expectations.

The feature-rich custom checkout fields extension for Magento 2 by FME allows merchants to add custom fields to any step of the checkout process. Merchants need additional checkout fields in case they want to collect extra or custom details from clients. This extension supports 8 different field types including text field, text area, checkbox, radio button, Date, Yes/No, multiple select & dropdown. These fields can be added to any checkout step i.e. billing, shipping, payment or review.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the extension.

Key Features:

  • Add 8 different types of custom fields to any checkout step
  • Configure custom fields for input data validation
  • Display custom fields in emails & PDF’s
  • Restrict fields to specific store views & customer groups

Customer Benefits:

  • With Magento 2 custom checkout fields, customers have the opportunity to document their requirements right on the checkout page
  • The additional fields being placed on a specific checkout step further facilitate customers to communicate their preferences to the merchant
  • Customers can view the additional Magento 2 custom checkout attributes and their responses anytime in the invoice either in email or PDF document

Merchant Benefits:

  • Acquire information from users to better understand their requirements and expectations about the order they place.
  • Easily customize the checkout page with any innovative option that is a common and hot trend these days.
  • Data validation ensures the users to enter accurate information that can be utilized for marketing and promotions in the future.
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Price: $99.99

To see demos & purchase the extension, click the links below.

Buy Now                               Frontend Demo                           Backend Demo