Magento 2.0 Updates, Rumors, Expectations and Needs

Magento 2.0 Updates, Rumors, Expectations and Needs
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All shopping carts are in a rush to release the newer version of their software to beat their competitors. Although, Magento is ruling over the world but one can’t say that may be PrestaShop will be the winner of this race in the near future. Following the same threat, it is expected that Magento will release the version 2.0 in 2015.

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Magento 2.0 Release History

Initially, Magento officially announced in 2010 that they are moving to the next version 2.0. Although, the speed of this advancement was slow in the past but in late 2014 and 2015, Magento has taken some major steps in this regard.

The major announcement was done by product manager of Magento “Elena Leonova” during his speak Meet Magento Belarus 2014 in Minsk.


If you are interested to know about the release process, Magento 2.0 is moving from Q1 beta to merchant’s ready version Q4. Magento changelog can also help you to understand it better.

Magetno Release Steps

Image Source: business2community.com

Given here some top updates or news related to this changelog.

  1. Mobile Friendly Focus

Magento will make sure to have a complete mobile friendly look aiding for better user experience. It means that default theme will be completely responsive.

  1. Use of Modern Technologies

Magento has decided to make use of modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to make the newer version more advance and user friendly.

  1. No need of XML codes

Magento 2.0 will provide drag and drop functionality for different blocks of the web-store i.e. visual design editor will help the developers to see the dragging and dropping of blocks in the store layout. This will be major advancement in the sense that it will reduce the use of XML codes for this purpose.

  1. File Structure Change

Reducing the need to edit theme for base view functionality, all the necessary date is shifted to the modules structure. Now developer can customize the theme easily by viewing clear structure for base views.

  1. Base Functions in the Database  

Base functions like design change and theme editing is shifted to database. Need to access the locale for minor changes like email sending and customization is eliminated in the next version.

  1. Module Section Upgrade

The new design and look of module directory will help the developers to implement logical operation easily. Payment modules are upgraded to new solutions, thus minimizing the size of config.xml file by 20%.

  1. Skin Removal

Default skin of Magento has been removed, thus developers can change, edit and customize the theme with lot of simpler options.

  1. Web-Application Integration

That makes it possible to integrate different web-applications more easily in Magento.

  1. ZEND Framework Use

Magento 2.0 is going to use ZEND 2.0 for translations, database access layer and cache functions.

  1. XML validation

To ensure zero chances of expected errors, Magneto XML checks and validates the code that if it follows the standard rules or not, thus reducing the need of long time debugging.


You will surly get following outcome from Magento 2.0;

  • Better Stability, scalability and efficiency
  • improved Product Security
  • Increase Langue support
  • Upgraded payment options
  • Enhanced Customization and support
  • Increased code usability
  • Optimized Database Access

Hopefully, you are more aware about Magento 2.0 updates, Rumors, Expectations and Needs. Write us if you have any suggestion about Magento 2.0. If you have any wish from this version, mention in the comment section and we will include it in our post.

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