Joomla, Drupal or WordPress? Which CMS Is the Most Secure?

Joomla, Drupal or WordPress? Which CMS Is the Most Secure?
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When you are thinking about creating your own website, the first step is to choose the right platform.
A CMS (Content Management System) not only offers an easy maintenance but also saves your time and cost.

These days there are many CMS platforms used for developing websites. However, the popular ones are Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Although they are the most popular CMS platforms and provides many useful features yet, security of these CMS platforms are one of the main concerns for businesses.

In this post, we will talk about these three popular CMS development platforms on the basis of security. Let’s find out which is the most secured CMS platform among them. We will start with Drupal-

1. Drupal

According to the recent stats released by W3Techs.com, 5 percent of all websites are running on Drupal CMS development platform.

Out of all the three CMS development platforms, Drupal is one of the most secured onel. Moreover, Drupal’s CMS development framework is designed for handling any difficult vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, it’s tough security has the stability for preventing the websites from any kind of harmful attacks.

Drupal has one of the largest developer community globally. Moreover, it ensures quick response to any issues which are supported by dedicated security team and great service provider system.

Furthermore, Drupal’s robust coding standard helps in preventing from many security issues.

Drupal provides main features like Access, User Access Control, Database Encryption, Malicious Data Entry, Reduction of DoS Attacks, Brute Force Detection, etc. when it comes to security.

In addition, Drupal CMS development platform is difficult to learn for a normal human being. Therefore, it is advisable to hire Drupal developers for making your website secured.

2. WordPress

According to recent stats released by Torquemag.io, 27 percent of all websites are running using WordPress CMS development platform.

Out of all the three CMS development platforms, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS development platforms. WordPress has a security team which consists of lead developers and security researchers. Moreover, potential vulnerabilities can be signaled to the security team which is further acknowledged by them upon receipt.

Furthermore, plans are outlined to solve the vulnerability issue after it’s verified and its severity is determined.

Also, APIs offered by WordPress offers in strengthening the core system. WordPress provides protection against unauthorized passwords and injections, with a safety of user supplied data is provided.

Moreover, the direct reference object is also provided which prevents unauthorized requests using its access control system. The security configuration is limited to single administration because configuration errors are minimized.

Just like Drupal, account passwords in WordPress are hashed and salted for ensuring the safety of the data. Also, it provides protection against CSRF threats.

Moreover, due to the complexity of WordPress plugins it is advisable to hire WordPress developer who possess good knowledge about WordPress development.

3. Joomla

According to the stats by W3Techs.com, Joomla is running on 7 percent of content management system websites.

Joomla provides many great features for security extensions which help in protecting websites from various attacks. Joomla deals with the security issues just like WordPress CMS. Moreover, Joomla advises their users to secure their website by getting experience and help from those people who are experienced and experts in using Joomla CMS development platform.

However, in order to keep Joomla website secure, you must focus on using precautionary measures for security for protecting your website against a security issue.

Wrapping Up

According to us, all the three CMS development platforms are best options for most of the users and projects.

Moreover, all the three mentioned CMS development platform are easy to use and provides both types plugins for extending security of a website. Therefore, choose any one CMS development platform wisely before starting the development of your website.

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