Is It Possible To Increase Organic Traffic Without Backlinks?

Is It Possible To Increase Organic Traffic Without Backlinks?
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To increase organic traffic without backlinks is an optimum goal of every website owners and blogger.But the question is that how it is possible to get a place on first page in the serp’s (search engine result pages) of search engines specially Google. To achieve this, you have to take different multiple steps to become succeed in search engine ranking.

As you know organic traffic is your key source in making conversion on your site and bring that traffic without backlinks have dotted a signal in mind that is it possible to increase organic traffic without backlinks??? If you would like to ask from me then my answer is yes!


People use different tactics and techniques for getting a position on the first page of SERP. For that some of them taken help from advertisement in order to bring traffic on their website and improve their position but it is a costly method. Apart from that many of them using SEO techniques to attain all this, like by giving quality backlinks to their site.

Now let’s have an eye on some important points regarding expansion of organic traffic without indulging yourself towards inbound links

On-Page Setting:

It is quite obvious that when it comes towards website ranking then its optimization should be on priority base. As you know off page and on page both have its own importance in regard of your website compatibility. Because Google have a strong policy regarding website content, that’s why first of all you should take effective steps for on-page setting.

To achieve this ,you have to  concentrate on quality content , avoid duplicate one, maintain your  keywords density to a required level, avoid keyword stuffing, and proper placement of keywords in  meta tittle and meta description too. Make sure that your content is well arranged and pages are well interlink with each other so that website is properly index and rank well in search engine.

Criteria For Keywords Selection:

Keywords selection have a deep impact whether it  is about  your site ranking or relevant traffic, you should be very keen and clever in the adaptation of keywords for your desired website.Because at the time choosing them from Google keyword planer you will find a long list of high and low searches keywords with different competition level. The optimum choice is that you should focus on that keywords which are more specific and with high searches and low competition, due to this, it will take less time in order to rank in SERP.

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Google-AdWords-Keyword-Planner (2)

Write For Users Not For Search Engines:

As you know Google has updated its policies regarding search engine result pages, If you are a blogger and write for your website then its quality really matters because in past people add content to site in order to rank well, which will help them in ranking but the problem was that when any user came across the site they return back, because due to non-availability of the data which the user required, which in result increase the bounce rate of your site, that why Google make changes in their algorithms and bring phantom update to target thin content because according to a research 22% of decrease in Google traffic realize them to think about it  .so it’s better to write for users, remains on the topic,  and rank better your pages, the more you relevant the more you can get top positions in SERP.

Meta Title And Meta Descriptions:

As you know  CTR (click through rate) matters so  you have to deploy your title and description according to search engine instruction if your website core theme not match with the title and description then it  will affect your position in search engine because Google robot software pick title and meta description for crawling and indexing your site .

Page Speed Matters:

Due to high competition the choice of users have been widen, that why website speed play a vital role in getting more stay time of users on your site, so make sure your it is well updated and take less time in reloading phase. Otherwise, if you would not look towards this point then it becomes very easy for visitors to leave your site and jump to another one.

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 Social Media Importance:

No doubt about that social media grape millions of users that’s why to target this platform in order to promote your products/website is an optimum choice. You can show your presence on some famous social network like Facebook, Google +, twitter, Reddit, & Linked-In etc.


Focus Towards Latest News:

Writing on new topics is another way to get more search traffic and get noticed in search engine without making any backlinks. Because now Google engineers set some algorithm for it through long click for example if a user came to your site and spend more time on it and get the required information what he looking for, it is just like that if you want to read search engines updates which sites comes in your mind definitely you will visit M , search engine journal or search engine land etc.

Stay Connected With Your Industry Updates:

Due to the advancement and innovation in technology one should keep in touch with its relevant field whether you are blogger, writer or a marketer, if you bring changes and updates effectively in your niche it will not only improve performance of your site but also create impact on serp’s as well.


As you know now a days people don’t have much time to read text that’s why images taken much importance, so now you can provide your product knowledge in front of your customers very smartly through info-graphics, which will not only bring massive traffic towards your site but also increases visitors interest level .This method of promotion also assist you in social sharing because images can provide more understanding level then words.