How USA Independence Day is Important for Ecommerce?

How USA Independence Day is Important for Ecommerce?
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The importance of Independence Day is just like a soul in the body and every  country celebrate it according to their own culture and tradition .The significance of this day for all nation’s people  is more than their lives, so you can Clearly understand that the dignity of this wonderful time. Every patriotic individual have the same feeling on Independence Day and all are united as one nation.

As you know as a United States Nationalist I, you and we all of us will celebrate the 239th Independence Day with the blessing of God. If you go back in the past, that Celebration was started on the Fourth of July 1776 when 13 states of America officially announced their separation from the Great Britain.

This day is the most rememberable day in the history of United States, and the day is commonly called as the fourth of July or July fourth.  The U.S government commemorates this historical day as federal holiday.

People celebrate it in different manners some associates their happiness through fireworks and the ratio of this era is 48.7% or some with barbeques (68.6%) many at picnic, concerts, and political speeches or ceremonies etc. (51%). Every one shows happiness in their own style and devotion with their beloved country.

Sales trends at USA Independence Day:

How Independence Day is very important?. Because as you know that on this day the celebration are on its peak and every person have the desire to spend some money on this wonderful day. The spending on this day is usually on food, vine, and picnic spots usually.

According to Newswire who have released the research report of the national consumer polling about eating and purchasing trend of people on this day. would you believe that 43% of the people named hamburgers as their favorite food item  and hot dog contain 19 % polls and at second standing position.

If we talk about baked beans it took 51 % corn on the cob 60% and the delicious potato salads are considered top three side food of Americans on this special occasion

Now the question arise in the mind that why and how the sales ratio on peak just on Independence Day, In order to know that we have to measure it with the help of previous research report which also provides us some states about it . The statistical data told us that when it was asked from the people about it in polling, multiple states reported. 34 % of respondent says that they are just following the tradition, 35 % of individual voted that the prices of food commodities are on their cheapest price.

If you ask about the travelers which are 51 % and they love to enjoy the day round about 50 miles away from their native town or homes.

How ecommerce merchants can get benefit from this day:

E-commerce is growing day by day specially in the European market such as USA, UK, Germany, Spain France, Italy, etc. In these countries most of the transaction are taken online like shopping, banking, ticketing, and in so many others things.

Due to this dominance of ecommerce in these countries enforces the entrepreneurs and merchants to take advantage from this business activity .According to Centre for Retail Research the European online market is dominated by the UK, Germany and France which together are responsible for 81.3% of European sales in these eight countries.

Unites States Spending through online platform 2014 and 15:

If you analyze the market of USA according to Center for Retail Research report. The people of these states have spend 306.85 billion in 2014 which is a huge amount. Now the finance and economics experts predict that it will increase up to 13.8% in 2015 and should be reach at $34920 billion.

Customer benefits:

We all know that whenever this special day came nearer. You will see a lot of discount almost on every products whether it is related to ecommerce, hardware, or Food. But one thing you will realized that the ratio of discount on food item is highlighted more, because people love to eat on this day with their family and friends .Therefore, the wonderful day not only bring a lot of happiness but also provide an opportunity for individuals to get benefits from these discount offers on multiple shop by brands

Merchants Benefits:

It’s now a trend in many countries specially the Europe that whenever an exceptional day is waiting on the road. The merchants came with the idea of discount by lowering the price of their products from their original price for some days.

If the day is Independence Day then you realize it very clearly. Most of the store owners on that particular occasion offers huge discount for their beloved customers. This strategy of lowering the prices not only show their patriotism with their country but also bring more profit for their business. That why you see all the merchants whether it is related to ecommerce, or even food industry every one provides rebate (discount) on their products in order to increase each category in point of sale reference as well .

Congratulate the USA residents:

After all this informative discussion, at last on the behalf of bestcmsplugins, I congratulate all the residual of the country. And I am hoping that this day will bring true colors of patriotism in your life and you guys will really rock on this wonderful and iconic day. Enjoy the coming holiday with dignity and great self-esteem with your family and friend, because this day mean a lot to us. May God give more successes and prosperity to our beloved country Amen.

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