How to Variate Anchors in a Post to Avoid Spam

How to Variate Anchors in a Post to Avoid Spam
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The spam index of a website mainly depends on its anchor strategy. Poor anchors (Same anchors coming from different websites) finally lead to spam and blockage by Google. At the same time, good anchor strategy can boost the ranks in Google. So anchor is the main point of our today’s post.

How to Variate Anchors in a Post to Avoid Spam

When you work on anchor, make sure you spin all around and do not become a cause of spam.  Here is a simple checklist to be safe,

  1. Use branded anchors
  2. Use long tails, phrases
  3. Use more URLS, but it does not mean too much in 5 links, 2 URLS are enough
  4. Read more, click here etc. should be normal, not too much or low.

When the keyword is ranked, use exact match very little.

Example of Anchors:

For example, if you’re giving anchor for PrestaShop Pretty Urls Plugin, you can variate it in the following way.

First Example

Main Keyword: PrestaShop Pretty URLs

Much Variation:

  • Improve SEO Plugin
  • How can we improve URLS for PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop friendly URL problem
  • PrestaShop Friendly URL without ID
  • friendly URL for prestashop not working
  • prestashop 1.5 friendly url without id
  • prestashop friendly url id
  • prestashop seo pretty url module

2nd Example:

Main Keywords: Magento Shop by Brands

Much variation:

  • magento shop by brands paid version
  • magento shop by brand page
  • magento shop by brand dropdown
  • Layered nav for Magento shop by brands
  • Shop by brand attribute for Magento
  • download shop by brands magento module

Use features in anchor as well.

These are some examples; you can search online tools to variate the keyword as well like Google Adword Tool for anchor variation.

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