How to Use Product Attachment Feature in Magento?

How to Use Product Attachment Feature in Magento?
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When you download software from internet, the download package contains actual files along with some other helping files e.g. guides, tutorials, images, spread sheets, documents, text files etc. There are product attachments that are attached to give more assistance to the users.

What are Product Attachments?

Product attachments are those files that are attached with products to assist the users. When you download a torrent file, you actual file contains some extra files that are example of product attachment.

Product Attachment Role in Ecommerce?

Product attachments have some special importance in Magento. Take the example of software providing companies, who needs to attach the installation guide, working procedure, license/agreement files and registration keys. What happen if sellers don’t attach these things with the software? Definitely users will feel trouble in using the software; even users will not be able to install it correctly. All these examples show that product attachment is something special for ecommerce.

Importance of Product Attachment

Product attachments are important due to following reasons;

Give Product Understanding

Merchants can’t display all the information of products on product page. Therefore, it is beneficial to show only necessary information at the product page and attach a document contains extra but necessary information about the products.

Installation Guide

It is difficult for merchants to give the installation procedure at the product page. So, installation guide should be attached with the product as document file.

Working Procedure of Product  

Merchant can explain the working procedure of product in product attachments.

Demo Attachment

Merchant can attach a demo in the form of video or images so that customers can know the real time functionality of the product. Demo attachments is specially used for guest visitors who want to check the functionally of product before purchase.

Product Offers or Pricing Plans

This file can be downloaded by the customers to know that what are the different pricing plan e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze membership benefits and prices.

How to Use Product Attachment Feature in Magento?

By default, Magento does not allow to attach documents with products. If you’re real coders, products attachment is just a piece of cake for you. To make it really simple [as this is not a coding guide], we can only recommend you a good product attachment extension to use in Magento.


Being ecommerce Magento merchants, when you use the product attachment feature, it will help to satisfy your customers, customer’s loyalty will increase and more sales are automatically generated. An additional benefit is that you can manage and design your product page well by placing only the necessary information on product pages and giving extra detail in product attachments.

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