How To Use AJAX for Magento Cart Process?

How To Use AJAX for Magento Cart Process?
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What do you think that which page of your store is most important for you being a store merchant. Probably you might be thinking that all the pages are important whether it is home, category, and product page because each has its own importance.

Which page is most important in an ecommerce store?

In my opinion the most important page for which you have focus more is order and cart process page. Why? Just simple! This is the page through which you get enough money to run your business. In other words, this is the page at which your whole business runs.

Understanding the above mentioned concept, you have to give more importance to this page even if you have to spend some money, its ok for your long term business.

Now the question arises in mind that how a merchant can make this page unique and better. The answer is quite simple i.e. by giving the smooth shopping options to the customers.

In today’s blog, I am discussing the easiest was by which you can make the shopping process really simple, quick and smooth and the magic is “AJAX”

What is AJAX?

According to Wikipedia, “With Ajax, web applications can send data to and retrieve from a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.

In simple words, AJAX eliminates the need of complete page reloading when someone just has to get date of only a single block. This functionality helps to reduce the loading time of whole website.

Normal Cart Process VS AJAX added Process?

In normal checkout process, customer after clicking on add to cart button on the product page directly goes to a separate lading page with their shopping detail. From this page, customers can either click on “continue shopping” to purchase more products or can go to the checkout. This can be seen in the image below.

normal checkout

Conversely, in AJAX added cart process, when customers clicks on “add to cart” their desired product fly to their cart usually displayed on top right cornet. If customers have to purchase something other, they can also send it to cart or if the shopping is completed, they can click on their cart [at right upper cornet].

fly cart

Result of Comparison

The simple comparisons show that AJAX has made the shopping process easy in following ways;

  • AJAX Added Cart process is more users friendly.
  • It makes the shopping process really smooth.
  • It eliminated the requirement of page reloading.
  • It has saved a lot of precious time of customers.

The end results are quite encouraging for the merchants to use AJAX function on their Magento Store.

How to Use AJAX in Magento at Cart Process?

If you have decided to use AJAX function on your Magento store, then it is quite simple. Two cases arises here;

  • If you are a developer then add this customer’s side script on the cart page.
  • If you are not expert enough, I can recommend you a trusted extension e.g. Magento AJAX Add to Cart Extension, that has quite amazing features beside the AJAX.


AJAX is the thing which can make a real difference between you are your competitors. It will not only give you an edge over competitors in customers facilitation but you can also control the abandoned cart rates.

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