How to Create Multi-Store in OpenCart 2.0?

How to Create Multi-Store in OpenCart 2.0?
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OpenCart is probably the simplest shopping cart ever due to which business starters or those people who have less coding expertise prefers this platform. Like all the others shopping carts, it allows to create multi-store from the single installation with different urls.

Why Multi-Store in OpenCart?

If you want to expand your store by adding extra product in it, then it is not a wise decision to burden the same store with load of products instead you can create separate store for each category of products using the name of your base store.

For example, if you have a garment store like www.abc.com and you are looking to start a shoes store and Jewellery store, you can use the sub-domain from the main store like

  • shoes.abc.com
  • electronics.abc.com

Managing you main store through subdomains is definitely an easy choice to manage huge inventory in your store.

Benefit of Multi-Store

Multi-store is quite beneficial in the sense that merchants can customize their each subdomain according to their desire i.e. can use the theme according to the products available in that store.

How to Create Multi-Store in OpenCart 2.0?

Given here some quick steps through which you will be able to create multi-store in a simple way.

Step 1: Setup Subdomain

Go to your hosting panel backend and setup a new subdomain pointing to your main e-store. Generally a subdomain will be installed in subfolder of the main domain.

setup sumdomainStep 2: Setup subdomain in OpenCart Backoffice

Go to the backend of OpenCart and click on System>Settings and it will show your store detail. Now click on Insert button to create a new store.

open cart backend

Step 3: Create New Store Settings

When you click on the create new store, a window opens containing different tabs given below;

General: In general tab, you can set store url, store name, address, owner etc. For example, you want to create an electronics sub-store with url electronics.mystore.com. Then all the others settings will be as given in the image.

general settings

Store Settings: Through this tab, you can set a custom theme for your store including meta title, description, keywords etc., as shown in figure.

store settings

Localization: From here, admin can set localization options for the store like currency, state, language etc.

open cart localization

Option Settings: You can set different frontend related parameters from here like item per page, taxes, customer groups, checkout settings and stock options.

Option OpenCart

Image Settings: You can upload store logo, icons and dimension settings for all the images used in the store.

image OpenCart

Server Option: You can enable or disable SSL certificate for your store.

stores server

Once you fill the information, click on save button and after which you will see a newly created store in store list.

store list

This is your newly created store and you can manage it using your main store admin panel or sub store admin panel i.e. from www.mystore.com or electronics.mystore.com.


This was a basic tutorial for starters and in the next tutorial we will guide you to create categories, products and other store management options. Stay in touch with the blog to learn more about OpenCart.

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