How Hackers Can Hack WordPress and Possible Solution?

How Hackers Can Hack WordPress and Possible Solution?
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Right after the release of WordPress 4.2 security flaw raised in it. This flaw was related to comments through which hackers can leak our/break your security and afterwards hacking the password of admin.

How Hackers Can Hack WordPress?

According to revealer of this flaw “Pynnönen”, hackers can use the JavaScript in comments for hacking purpose. These comments when seen by the admin of the website will help out hackers in stealing the security information. This stealing may be in the form of running code on the server or by changing the admin password. Exact words of that blogger was “During this time all WordPress servers using default comment settings have been quite easily hackable”.See more information of this bug here in this blog.

How To Safe Your WordPress Website From Hackers?safe wordpress

WordPress in an official announcement recommended its users to update their website to 4.2.2 which is come right after the revealing of this flaw. Any users, who don’t want to update it, are advised to disable the comments for their website. Exactly quoting the words of that blog here, “This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately

How To Test Your WordPress Security Level?

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All those website formed in WordPress can make use of WPScan to check security level of their website whose features includes username, version, plugins and weak passwords enumeration.


WordPress 4.2 and afterwards 4.2.2 are made just to facilitate website owners. There is no reason to not to update it for the latest version. Therefore don’t be afraid from the threat of hacking rather face them with care granted by WordPress to you for your safety.