How Customers Can Find Store Location Using Google Maps?

How Customers Can Find Store Location Using Google Maps?
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It is point of concern for all of e-merchants that how they can satisfy customers with their services such that customers starts trusting on them. The simplest test of checking customer’s trust is that they came again on your store after first shopping.

In today’s blog, I will guide you about the simplest way through which merchants can win customers trust. That way is no other than to take some advance steps that enables customers to come and shop from your store easily.

Customers First Visit On Your Store And Your Responsibility

When customers visits your ecommerce website first time and think that their desired product is available at your physical store. They definitely look for the address, which they can find easily on your store normally. All is fine up till now. At this point, it is your responsibility to facilitate the customers in finding your store.

How Customers Can Find Your Store Easily?

The simplest way that you definitely know is to show your store on Google Maps because 90% of the people always try to search you on Google Maps and then visit your shop. In this way, customers can find your store more easily.

How To Get Edge Over Your Competitors?

The factor that I discussed in the last heading is quite simple. Anyone can do it easily i.e. your competitors. If you want to get an edge over your competitors then you can use the Google Store Location Map in an advance way such that your store look more unique than others.

What Functionalities Your Store Locator Should Provide?

If you add unique functionalities to your Google Map store locator then you will be able to get a definite edge over your competitors. You can include following features;

  • Customer Location Detection and Store Suggestions

Your Google Map setup should be efficient enough to detect the customer’s location and suggest the nearest store to them based on lowest distance rule.

Store Location

  • Show Direction Hints

Suppose customer finds his nearest store location on the Google Map. Now your setup should be intelligent enough to show direction hints to the customers.


  • Search By Products

You should provide such functionality in your setup that customers can search stores by products. This is especially important when some of your products are available in a store while others are not.

Search by Products

How to Make Such Intelligent System?

These are somehow advance features that can be added to the store locator setup. If you have enough coding expertise, you can make such system easily including the above mentioned functionalities. But if you are not enough experts, you can do it within minutes. Suppose you are using Magento as your shopping cart then in this case, you have to install some external plugin e.g. Magento Google Maps Store locator extension on your store.


Google Store Locator with advance functionalities can make you stand alone at the top in the market. So try these tips today and get maximum advantage from them.

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