Why I Hate Opencart – Top 10 Reasons

Why I Hate Opencart – Top 10 Reasons
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Every business owner is looking to invest in an online avenue for his/ her enterprise and there are a number of platforms available which facilitate the creation of a virtual outlet. OpenCart is one such system which helps in the creation and management of an e-commerce enterprise. The platform has numerous features but there are a few drawbacks which force users to migrate to other frameworks like WooCommerce which is suggested by WordPress developer. Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons to hate Opencart which shows that why I hate Opencart;

1. Not Suitable For Large Scale Projects

OpenCart was started with the objective of helping small business owners and startups get a free and easily accessible platform for creating a virtual presence which makes the system unsuitable for development of large scale e-commerce website projects. In theory, the service is scalable for large enterprises but as new add-ons are integrated into the platform, it gets increasingly complicated displaying the inability of the system to handle complex functions.

2. No In- Built Cache Management Solutions

One of the most important procedures for any website is its cache management and OpenCart does not have any pre- existing provisions for this purpose. A store owner has to depend upon external plugins to manage the cache which results in not only extra work for the developer responsible for creating the online store but also in increasing the cost of development. This is a big reason which encourages users to drop the system in favour of other easily available platforms like WordPress.

3. Lack Of Customization Options

Every entrepreneur wishes to create a unique and distinctive identity for the outlet so that it stands out from its competitors but people using OpenCart are hampered by a lack of diverse customization options. This makes it impossible to create a completely unique store and is one of the prime reasons for its unpopularity among certain user sections. The absence of personalization features also makes it impossible to revamp the image of the business from time to time which is essential for user engagement.

4. Absence Of SEO Tools

E-commerce websites more than any other interface need to use a platform that guarantees them better visibility and options to improve their search engine rankings. While services like WordPress are known for their SEO friendly features, this open- source store management system does not provide tools that can help in optimizing the store and improving its visibility.

5. Presence Of Low Quality Modules

One of the biggest reasons to hate OpenCart is the presence of many low quality and poorly thought out and built modules. The open source nature of the system attracts a lot of developers but with low skill levels a lot of modules which are used for extending the functionality of the virtual outlet, do not possess the cutting edge features which similar elements on other platforms have.

6. Problems During Upgrading To A Newer Version

Another common problem encountered often by users is losing compatibility while upgrading the system. Once the service is upgraded to a newer version, a lot of older extensions lose compatibility and the problem can be solved by upgrading the modules or extensions also. The process is hindered by the slow pace at which developers of various plugins release updates for their respective creations resulting in problems for store owners.

7. Less Features As Compared To Other Similar Platforms

OpenCart offers its users a lot of features but when they are compared to other similar platforms like WooCommerce, the difference in their numbers as well as quality is starkly visible. There is fierce competition among e-commerce operators and everyone wants to add new functionalities to their interface. The lack of features seriously hampers any owner in customizing and extending the functionality of the interface and therefore many of them choose other platforms over OpenCart.

8. Extending Certain Functionalities May Require Payment Of Fees

While every platform available for development of virtual marketplaces has functionalities that can be acquired at a price, this trait becomes a problem on the open source store management system, because the basic version does not have many functionalities requiring spending money for adding even basic functions. This escalates the cost of development of the project and is a major reason which drives people away from the platform.

9. Size Of CSS And JavaScript Code

The basic version of the service requires a user to download about 500 kb of the JavaScript and CSS code which is quite big as compared to some other similar open source store management systems. Even if the size of the file is large as in the case of Magento, the system makes it up with the abundance of convenient features.

10. Low Performing System As Compared To Its Rivals

OpenCart clearly lacks in finesse as compared to its open source rivals and with a drawback of purchasing even basic functionalities, its performance is also very poor in comparison to all other systems available for creation and management of virtual enterprises.


The open source store management system is very popular but as the reasons to hate OpenCart listed above clearly demonstrate, the service is severely limited in features and makes it unsuitable for execution of large projects.

Author Bio: Brandon Graves provides services for convert any website to a WordPress platform.

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