Guide on Magento 2.X Migration for Product Designers and Printers

Guide on Magento 2.X Migration for Product Designers and Printers
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If you run an online print business or offer product decoration services on a Magento based e-store, you must be aware that Magento will end its official support and new security updates for Magento 1.X from June 2020. And it is June already!

As a result, online print stores with a Magento Product Designer embedded still using Magento 1.X are likely to become more prone to performance-related issues and vulnerabilities after starting from this month. Therefore, rather than using the old version, Magento 1.X users should switch to Magento 2.0 to keep business uninterrupted and glitch-free.

Advantages of migration to Magento 2.0

There are several advantages of migration to Magento 2.0 as:

  • The page loading speed increases by up to 50%.
  • The speed of the checkout process increases by 38%.
  • The platform scalability rate of your web-to-print store increases up to three times the current rate.
  • The Magento 2 admin panel is easily usable and all-inclusive. Whether it is tracking orders and revenues, reviewing lifetime sales and delivery statuses, calculating taxes, or anything, you can do it all right from your store backend.
  • The advanced technologies including CSS3, HTML5, Require.JS, etc. simplify the installation and update of new extensions on the platform.
  • With rich snippets on catalog pages Magento 2.0 features, it helps improve SERP rankings.
  • Magento 2.0 has got more advanced security and customization features.

A Guide on Migration to Magento 2 for Printers and Product Decoration Service Providers

Migration to Magento 2.X can help you increase the count of your online shoppers by up to 200%. If you want to switch to Magento 2.X, below are the seven best practices to follow for the successful switch.

  1. Enhanced Front-End Architecture

Magento 2 offers a number of built-in features for online businesses. The three major ones are as follows.

  • Responsiveness

Magento 2 makes your online printing storefront responsive that can fit any screen – be it of a mobile, laptop, or desktop.

  • Advanced Admin Interface

The admin can personalize the backend as per their requirements, manage and retrieve the important information in real-time. This version has also got enhanced import capabilities.

  • Checkout Process

The buyers’ journey becomes faster by 38%  and also smoother. This helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate that is often a common problem in ecommerce.

  1. Improved Technology Stacks

Magento 2 offers updated versions of tech stacks to Magento 2.X developers that help them deliver quality work promptly. And it lets online printers avail of flexibility and customization unlike in Magento 1.X.

  1. A Systematic Base for Optimized Codes and Modules

Unlike Magento 1.X, Magento 2.X doesn’t support and manage non-optimized codes as they don’t contribute to the improvement of the user experience and don’t optimize storefront speed. Therefore, this latest version works best with support for optimized codes only and increases efficiency.

  1. Progressive Module Development

The open-source eCommerce platform lets Magento 2.X developers use the default code and override it as required to develop modules. This specific functionality is one of the major reasons behind adaptation to this latest version

The sophisticated module development is highly beneficial for online businesses who want to get started quickly as it saves their time and effort. Additionally, it is also possible to compress images directly on the server-side using the built-in tools on Magento 2.

  1. Smooth Extension Integration

As your customers grow in number, the add-ons you need to manage them will also increase in number. That is why your storefront should be easily integrable with advanced APIs and off-the-shelf extensions to improve efficiency.

But extensions must be updated periodically to avoid multiple crashes on your store. Magento 2.X makes third-party integrations seamless and glitch-free.

  1. Enhanced Technical Capabilities

Ensure to enable your Magento 2.X developers to test the code before they finalize it for the migration process. This will help them find out if any part of your online store needs fixes in how it’s working. The testing framework it offers includes performance tests, static tests, unit tests, integration tests, and more.

  1. Easy Varnish Caching

In Magento 2, a varnish cache behaves like a web accelerator that speeds up your online printing store and optimizes your performance. Moreover, it also uses browser caching to make sure all storefront assets are stored properly.

What Magento 2.X Constitutes?

  1. Data Migration

It includes moving data including customer details, store configurations, product information, sales, and CRM data, and basic SEO set up like meta-description, titles, or redirects.

  1. Extension and Code Customization

Magento 1.X extensions and code customizations aren’t transferable to the latest version. However, you can fully or partially re-create custom inbuilt functionality on your online printing store to run them better.

  1. Design Migration

Despite Magento 1.X themes not being directly transferable to 2.X, creating a new theme or recreating an old theme from scratch is easily possible.

  1. Advanced SEO Migration

You can recreate advanced SEO settings including custom URLs, meta titles and descriptions, cross-links, formats, markup tags, redirects, etc. on Magento 2.

To Wrap Up

Migrating from Magento 1.X to Magento 2.X is the need of the hour as the latest version will help make your online store more productive and interactive. There are several solution provider companies that can guide you on transitioning/switching seamlessly from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Author Bio: Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software and Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions.

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